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Photography Categories
Everything and anything that relates to senior graduation photography!! Cameras, Lighting, Images, Techniques, Tips, and even Tricks, Digital, Film, Etc.
Topics: 11,466 Posts: 261,318
11,466 261,318
Children photography is something that photographers are so passionate about. This section is for all questions about photography, marketing, selling, lighting, showcasing images, techniques and tips for this type of subject matter.
Topics: 7,101 Posts: 123,836
7,101 123,836
In recent years, maternity photography has become a real nitch market. This section is for all questions about photography, marketing, selling, lighting, showcasing images, techniques and tips for this type of subject matter.
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670 10,035
Everything and anything that relates to wedding photography!! Cameras, Lighting, Images, Techniques, Tips, and even Tricks, Digital, Film, Etc.
Topics: 4,861 Posts: 73,313
4,861 73,313
For some this is the bread and butter of professional photography. Post all comments here concerning this type of photography.
Topics: 1,634 Posts: 24,578
1,634 24,578
This section is for Glamour style photography and for those who photograph models for their portfolios.

Please do not post any nude photography.
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1,637 24,188
Many photographers do Fine Art full time, some for fun, and some as a sideline. This is the section for all your fine art images and questions and needs.
Topics: 960 Posts: 15,068
960 15,068
Pet Photography Forum
Topics: 177 Posts: 1,857
177 1,857
If you have something based on sports, dance, special events, underclass photography or other volume based photography, this is the catagory for you.
Topics: 3,525 Posts: 49,409
3,525 49,409
If you have something that is related to this field, please post some images and let's start a discussion!
Topics: 256 Posts: 2,586
256 2,586
Wikipedia defines "Videography" as the process of capturing moving images on electronic media. The term includes methods of video production and post-production. It is the equivalent of cinematography, but with images recorded on electronic media instead of film stock.
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202 1,822
If you have an awesome idea for making money with a drone, or a great image or video, post it here.
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37 294
Everything else photography related. IF you can't find a photography catagory then post it here.
Topics: 19,783 Posts: 287,276
19,783 287,276
The Business Of Photography
If you have something to share....please share it here...this is an awesome place and we love how everyone is so willing to share!
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70 678
Got a great time saving action you have created? Well post it here.
Topics: 1,748 Posts: 25,739
1,748 25,739
Know of a new product that's going to be the next big time saver? Having a software glitch? This is where it is discussed.
Topics: 3,098 Posts: 27,929
3,098 27,929
Got some great news, or a new product that's going to be the next MUST HAVE? Need help with your computer? Digital Camera? CD/DVD Burner? This is the area for you!!
Topics: 17,296 Posts: 196,907
17,296 196,907
PC (808/8,870)
Mac (777/10,320)
Medium Format (48/520)
Photo Booth (139/2,685)
This is the place to ask questions, or to make comments about ProSelect.
Topics: 74 Posts: 548
74 548
If you have a Photoshop Template or any other larger file to share, here is the best place to post it. To learn how to post a ZIP file go HERE.
Topics: 169 Posts: 2,350
169 2,350
Promotions, Ads, and all the little tricks that get the customers to spend money.
Topics: 10,055 Posts: 170,029
10,055 170,029
If you print "In House" this is the area for you. This can included all forms of printing, Ink Jet, Phaser, Traditional, etc.
Topics: 1,458 Posts: 18,126
1,458 18,126
Everything else business related. IF you can't find a business catagory then post it here.
Topics: 6,783 Posts: 112,377
6,783 112,377
Photography Training
Here is where you will find all of the training movies that Kirk makes. You can also "REQUEST" a movie of me. Let me hear from you!!!
Topics: 742 Posts: 3,583
742 3,583
This area contains a collection of all the movies that have been made to help you.
Topics: 44 Posts: 76
44 76
All about Pro4uM events during the year.
Topics: 449 Posts: 18,731
449 18,731
IF there is any form of photography education in your area that you would like to tell others about, please list all of the information here.
Topics: 2,038 Posts: 53,523
2,038 53,523
The title says it all!! This is the place to ask questions about Photoshop or Painter. If you got a cool tip or a trick that will save us time, well post it here!!
Topics: 3,359 Posts: 32,372
3,359 32,372
We all know there are many ways to do things in Photoshop. IF you post an image in this area, you are giving PDA members the right to download it, work on it, and re-post it.
Topics: 873 Posts: 11,232
873 11,232
Just starting out in the business? Need some photography advice? Wish you had an answer to your photography questions? Do you have a question you feel is too elementary to put somewhere else, THIS is where to start!
Topics: 1,042 Posts: 17,120
1,042 17,120
This area will contain all of the Chat Room Transcripts for you to download.
Topics: 23 Posts: 24
23 24
Would you like some CC on one of your images? Are you thinking about entering something in an upcoming contest? Please post them here for evaluation.
Topics: 1,450 Posts: 18,415
1,450 18,415
Everything else related to this training area. IF you can't find a training category then post it here.
Topics: 365 Posts: 7,236
365 7,236
Buying And Selling
Got some camera gear or some other personal item you need to get rid of? Need something specific? Post it here. This area is for individual members to buy/sell/trade items. All threads are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Topics: 3,464 Posts: 23,509
3,464 23,509
This area is where you will find special discounts and group purchases exclusively for Pro4uM members. This is a moderated forum, your New Thread has to be approved before it will show up. All threads are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Topics: 31 Posts: 1,846
31 1,846
If you are a Paid Sponsor of the Pro4uM or a Selling Member you will be able to start a New Thread here. All members can reply to posted threads, but please keep it on topic. All threads are automatically deleted after 30 days.
Topics: 183 Posts: 3,391
183 3,391
Topics: 475 Posts: 7,363
475 7,363
H&H Color Lab (364/3,538)
SYNC (109/3,823)
Topics: 45 Posts: 241
45 241
N-Vu (34/209)
Pacific Mount (4/10)
After Hours
This section is for announcements from the Admins only. You cannot create New Threads here. However, you can post into existing threads.
Topics: 139 Posts: 7,138
139 7,138
This is an area for getting to know each other. Show us your family photos, your children and your vacation. No controversial subjects, no off color humor, strictly ā€œGā€ rated.
Topics: 10,215 Posts: 176,887
10,215 176,887
Got something to say? WELL, this is the place to say it. ANYTHING goes in the Sandbox as long as you don't hurt others! This is not a place to beat each other up, but rather a place where we can talk about non Professional Photography things! The password to get into the Sandbox is: iwillnotgetmad
Topics: 9,644 Posts: 290,275
9,644 290,275
Got an idea for an improvement on the Pro4uM!! Post it here, your idea could be the next big thing.
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663 10,468
Featured Artist Archives
Topics: 111 Posts: 1,038
111 1,038
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157 2,370
Topics: 191 Posts: 4,813
191 4,813
Topics: 139 Posts: 2,895
139 2,895
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160 837
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276 1,075
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338 1,899
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613 5,738
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546 3,625
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502 4,538
Pro4uM Photography Competitions Archives
This is a simple and basic competition. For this month, you will have 2 weeks to post your best ever image. Only post the title, and the image. After 2 weeks, we will set up a voting system and the membership will vote to determine WHO WINS. The winner gets 1 year of Pro4uM Membership added to their existing membership and $100 transferred to their PayPal account. So, let's see your best ever image!!!
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19 145
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23 670

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