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Educational DVDs (Sam Puc, Bruce Hudson, Doug Gordon)

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  • Educational DVDs (Sam Puc, Bruce Hudson, Doug Gordon)

    I have the following educational DVD sets. Although they are about 12 years old, the principles of photography, posing, lighting, and marketing are still valid today.

    Bruce Hudson
    • Senior Power Pack – 3 DVDs – unopened, sealed
      - DVD 1: Senior "Hands On Revisited" DVD. Nearing 2 hours of education. Showing lighting, posing, in-studio/outdoor on location portraits.
      - DVD 2: "The Making of a Portrait Park" DVD. See how Bruce turned his studio property into a state-of-the-art portrait park.
      - DVD 3: "Marketing to High School Seniors" DVD. An Extra Bonus: Hudson's senior video brochure.
      - Examples of marketing pieces and the "Pay it Forward" referral program
      - CD master set of images used in the "Hands On" and "Portrait Park" DVDs.

    Sandy (Sam) Puc
    • Bellies & Babies Package – 4 DVDs
      - B&B Marketing DVD
      - B&B Image CD
      - B&B Templates and Brushes
      - B&B Video Sessions DVD
    • Sam''s World Studio Collections – 3 DVD/CDs
      - Marketing DVD: This DVD discusses the concept, production, execution and evaluation of each studio marketing piece and rates them on a scale of one to four for their effectiveness. Audio commentary included.
      - Sam's Image CD: View over 300 samples of Sam's favorite work. Be inspired by the artistry of a Master Photographer.
      - Sam's Marketing sample CD: This CD has PDFs of each marketing piece from 2004-2008.
    • Bébé Diplomé – 6 DVD marketing kit
      - Bébé Diplomé Indoor Session (2 DVDs)
      - Bébé Diplomé Outdoor Session (2 DVDs)
      - Bébé DiploméTemplates and Brushes (1 DVD)
      - Bébé Diplomé Marketing Kit (1 DVD)
    • Tots 2 Teens 2009 Tour Video Show – 3 DVDs
      - 3 DVDs with recordings of the 2009 Tots 2 Teens Tour
    • Tots 2 Teens 2009 Tour Everything Show Stopper – All Video Collection, 47 session episodes, 8 discs
      - Siblings Indoor (2 DVDs) - 6 sessions with toddlers, siblings and small and large groups
      - Siblings Outdoor (1 DVD) - 6 sessions with brothers and sisters, from toddlers to teens.
      - Multiples (1 DVD) - Learn how to increase the fun factor and tone down the frustration while photographing multiples. 6 indoor sessions show how to work with various ages of twins, triplets, and quadruplets.
      - Limited Editions Indoor (1 DVD) - Learn how to design, pose, and shoot every child's dream - beautiful custom-designed fantasy sets. 8 sessions.
      - Limited Editions Outdoor (1 DVD) - Capitalize on outdoor children's sessions with unique sets and wardrobe. 7 sessions.
      - Limited Edition Holiday Collection (2 DVDs) - This 13-session video will optimize your children's holiday portraits.

    Doug Gordon
    • Bride & Groom Flow Posing
    • Bride & Groom Gound Posing & Using the Surroundings
    • Bride Alone Flow Posing
    • Groom Alone Flow Posing
    • The "Real" Wedding Day
    • The Bridal Party
    • The Sexy Side of the Bride
    • Posed Photojournalism
    • Using the Video Light the Easy Way
    • Creative Families
    • The Closer - Sales and Business Training DVD
    • A Day With Doug (The How to Photograph Series Volume 9)

    I live in The Netherlands. Shipping costs vary (up to 2 kg):
    • Shipping within NL: EUR 6.75
    • Shipping within EU: EUR 13.00
    • Shipping to UK: GBP 16.00
    • Shipping to USA: USD 35.00
    • Shipping to other counties upon request

    Please make a reasonable offer for all of the above or selected items.

    i uploaded photos of the DVDs here.

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    These are good videos. I have most of Doug Gordon videos and attended 3-4 workshops with Sandy Puc. A good bargain


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      For all the new members: these educational materials are still available and really bring your photography to a higher level.


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        Still have these?


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          I know someone who would like something like this for them selves.


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            Yes, I still have these.