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  • Looking for Used equipment

    Light stands. Posing table. On camera flash for a Canon R6.

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    I have a Photogenic Posing Table and several 8-foot Photogenic Air Cushioned Light Stands with caster base. They are in storage now but are in mint, like new condition. Here are links to descriptions at B&H Photo. - Photogenic Light Stand with 19" Caster Base (8') [I believe I have two of these] - Photogenic Light Stand with 25" Caster Base (8') [I may have one or two of these but will have to check] - Photogenic Backlight Stand with 19" Caster Base (3.5') [I have one of these] - Photogenic Tony Posing Table

    I also have a 3x4 Larson Softbox and some other studio stuff (studio tripod and dolly, posing stool, backgrounds, background paper drive system, and more) that you may be interested in. Let me know and I can upload a list or send it to you by email.
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      Hi Bob
      Very interested. Please email a list and pricing. Thanks for responding so quickly! Have a great day.
      Karen Burton


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        [email protected]


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          Email with list sent...