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Permission to Fly in North Carolina

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  • Permission to Fly in North Carolina

    So in North Carolina in addition to the FAA airspace rules a 107 Pilot must get permission to take off and land on both private and public land.
    While I have not run into any serious challenges or problems yet I have this release form attached to send to clients.
    It also has a brief explanation of issues that may come up as well as a tips for great Drone photos.
    I realize that this could create more problems than it solves but Its my first attempt at remaining legal in North Carolina.
    I would love to have Pro4um people take a look and see what they think.
    Did I miss anything?
    I know its too wordy but It says what I think I need it to say.
    Would you add anything? Change anything? Delete anything?

    Does anyone else have something they use or could post similar
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