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Creative tips for Father's Day session...

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  • Creative tips for Father's Day session...

    HI. I have a mom & 3 daughters (9, 5, and 3 months) coming in for a session for the husband/father for Father's Day. I would love to hear your creative things you would do? thanks in advance for your help. Linda

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    I did something similar about a week ago. I talked to the mom about how her husband views each of them. I really liked what we came up with. She said that her daughter is very dainty - so we thought of the tiara and slip dress. Because the baby is their first son - they wanted something really boyish - so I thought that it would be best for them to do shortalls with no shirt and a ball cap on backwards. We did this for their pictures with dad, but for mom we wanted something that was a little more nurturing. I hope this helps.

    For the 9, 5 and 3mo which ones are sons or daughters?


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      Thanks. They are all daughters. I will be a session with the daughters and mom. Linda