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  • Slideshow (5 yr. old)

    Well, I have been to one seminar after another this year...I guess it's time to apply some of that knowledge!

    This is a slideshow from a session last week with an adorable 5 year old little girl. Thanks for looking!

    I know that they are not all perfect, but I encourage CC!

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    AWESOME work Connie!

    we got some great ideas from your show, plus seeing how you used the light that day is a lesson in it's self! Great work!!

    LOVED IT!! Thanks for sharing.


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      Thanks Jeff! We thought it was going to rain us out. It thundered throughout the entire session, but it never rained on us! I had great light to work with!


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        Connie, these were beautiful! I LOVE the backdrop you have in TN!

        They were all so beautiuful! I think my favorite was the close up lying on the pier. The blue sky really matches her baby blues.


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          THAT's GREAT! You know I can't watch slide shows on dial up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Post me a couple to look at atleast!


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            These are precious! Did you shoot these around the little girl's home and farm? I love the scenery!


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              Wow - the scenery is perfect isn't it? Congrats! Have they seen them yet? Love the white dress - do you know where they got it or is it yours?


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                Thanks ya'll!

                Carol- The fence, barn and bridge are all on the private property of a fellow church member. He has given me permission to photograph there (I am insured...just in case)!

                Kori - Girl...quit being so cheep and go get hi-speed! Time is money!!! I'll try to resize and post a few soon (I'm kinda covered up right now trying to get the new studio complete).

                Lane - Her parents are coming back to view tomorrow. I think that dress is from Strausburg's (sp?). It is actually a slip and I do have several sizes available if needed. I don't think this particular client minded buying her own. If you have an Osh Kosh outlet near you, they often carry VERY similar slips for MUCH less $$$. Many of mine are from there, but they ARE harder to find.


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                  You know I can't get anything else out in the country! I do have high speed, but don't think it counts on dial up!

                  I am suffering through a 6 hour download.....or atleast that's what it's telling me now. If it drops it I am not doing it again!

                  I have got to get on Strasburg to find my little one a new slip. HEY....the prices on the internet are ALWAYS higher than the store. Their slip dresses are really reasonable compared to others. I think about $29.50 is what I have gotten them for from them. I LOVE the Bella Luna Morning Dress. That is the one that mine has last summer. It was beautiful, but doesn't really make it through more than one wash! Still worth it. ( now you know why I can't stand it and have to watch it now! It's all about the dress.....maybe I will look at your work too though Connie! ) hehehehe


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                    Just for Kori...Mrs. Dial-up...(and ya'll thought Soddy Daisy was in the sticks!!! )
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                      couple more...
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                        You sayin Kori is slow??? :coo:

                        like, duh!


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                          Ummm...I'm not TOUCHING that!!!


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                            Okay THAT does it! I did what you said Connie! I started downloading it and left. Came back 3 hours later to a dropped connection! I AM NOT SLOW JEFF WHEELER! My connection is.

                            Connie! This will top that $1300 sale you didn't mention on the board! Mom is gonna FLIP!


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                              what camera and lenses are you using? Your images glow. Is that a photoshop thing?
                              Please share.