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    Hi all!

    I'm new here to the forum. This is my first new threat; just giving it a whirl. I will see about posting some new stuff soon, BUT... for now... here is my all-time favorite. It's a slideshow.

    Have a good day everyone! Hope to get to know you guys better. Enjoy reading all your posts & questions.


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    I'm sorry I have not posted to this thread yet....I've been kinda busy with some other stuff....But before the day is over...I hope to have some comments for you.

    Redheaded Johnson


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      Maybe no one wanted to reply because I accidently typed threat instead of thread? No threats from me, promise!!


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        That is beautiful! He's not even my son and it almost makes me tear up! You did a great job. Did you do it in ProShow Producer or PS gold?


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          Gold. I love, love, love slideshows (love making parents cry!!!). Producer was such a jump up in $$, and STILL I can't justify it.

          I did one for a 2yr old girl. How long did I spend w/ those pics before I showed her the slideshow? You know how you get kinda numb by the time proofing comes along? Well, I'm tearing up too just watching her! Not even my kid!!!! HAHA.


          P.S. That's my son!!!!! I cried too, for like a month... LOL. Such a wimp.


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            I love it - so personal. Making parents cry is so fun. Look some of the composition on the pics - like the reflection one! Good job.


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              Can you post a few separate images for those of us on Macs? Thanks!


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                OK...watched the show...and for this type of session..I think you did great!

                The music, the transitions...and esp. the words all help to sell this kind of session.

                NOW...if you are in the habit of selling images in collections...meaning in the form of COFFEE TABLE TYPE ALBUMS...then you will be very my opinion....

                But...on the other hand...if you are showing this kind of thing..then hoping mom or dad will then pick from this a wall portrat....or some smaller images for the grand parents....I'm betting you will have problems.

                And this could be AREA SPECIFIC...I know in my area..this kind of session would cause mom and dad to buy the proof book...and that would be about it.

                For get that wall portrait sale...and other 8x10's and such...I have to shoot some traditions stuff...head and shoulder...smiling...looking at the camera kind of things.

                AGAIN...I could be all wet...but that has been my experience.

                Cool show...thanks for posting it.

                Redheaded Johnson


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                  Jane, I'll try to attach a few images. Else, here is a link for a flash video. It takes less than a minute to buffer, but still seems slow. I don't know a thing about video, and this is the smallest file I could come up with in PS Gold.


                  No, I do not use this for proofing in any way. Rather, I sell slideshow-only sessions to ppl at $600 a pop. Ppl gets too impatient to do slideshow type photographs plus wall portrait stuff (especially kiddos). I do one or the other; take it or leave it. Need I mention the kids get dirty after running around a bit?! GREAT wall portraits... not... :vomit:

                  Thanks for your feedback!!



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                    not sure how these will look??? first time uploading.

                    Daily strides are taken to knock at least one "Pro4um Virgin because..." off the list. This is today's!
                    Attached Files


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                      LOL. 4 out of 5 isn't bad I guess. My fault.


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                        very cool. Did you make this show with PS Gold?


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                          Kirk, I'll have to respectfully disagree. I think several of these would make great wall portraits... like the one in your avatar, Dana, the one above w/ the stop sign, there was one from behind I thought would make a nice wall portrait, the dandelion one. That's all I can remember off the top of my head. I think traditional sells well, but I love when a client can appreciate the more unusual compositions that I find more moving than "looking at the camera and smiling".

                          Nice job, Dana. So are any of these on YOUR walls ?


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                            Mark - Thank you. Yes PS Gold. I love that program!

                            Bridget - Thank you. No, these aren't on my walls. My walls are still under construction and it is no one's fault but mine. Do as I say, not as I do. However, with Baby Cierra due to arrive in 11 weeks we've been kicking it up a notch around here w/ home improvements! Maybe there's hope yet! HAHA.


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                              Oh, and FYI -- if you ever choose to market a DVD slideshow only w/ these not-so-normal, but oh-so-fun, poses... the kiddos in families LOVE IT! They love seeing themselves on TV, it is a self esteem boost for them, plus it's a fun day at the park that parents often don't take the time for anymore. Even toyed with the idea of doing this for free for some kiddos in Magnolia just to reach out to the community. Lacking time right now. Oh, and energy (but that's temporary).