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  • A Family Affair

    We recently had a chance to try a maternity shoot with a family. We're new to this so don't be too hard on us.

    The mother was a bridesmaid in one of our recent weddings and my assistant is also a seamstress and she had done the fitting for this mother's gown. At the wedding she asked her if she had ever had a maternity portrait taken and she said no but she wanted to do it since this probably would be her last child.

    The first image of the daughter and Mom was taken just with the modeling lights of my Larson 4x6 and a fill light. The other images were with the 4x6, fill and hair light.

    We did a couple of Mom alone and used a 13x40 strip light for an accent, but I'm not too happy with them as I kept getting spill on the background. I'll post some of them later.
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    I'm certainly no expert in this department.....but ON THE LAST ONE...I realize you were doing an image of the "CHILDREN"...but because mom and dad's heads are cut off....I'm feeling this in BLACK and WHITE...would love for you to change it...and then post it that way....crank up the contrast.

    On the WHITE ONE and the belly.....notice that just to the right of the belly there is a darker area...then your vignette kicks in....try rubbing that darker area a bit with your DODGE TOOL...this will help keep the OVER VIGNETTE effect down and make it more pleasing to look at.

    OVER ALL...I think you did well.....but my gut feeling is you need a bit more contrast in all of them.

    Redheaded Johnson


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      In general, I agree with Kirk. Thought I'd add how much I like the idea of tying the ribbon like you did for #2. We've used stick-on bows, but I like the softness of tying it around. Thanks!


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        Fixed them

        Ok, I worked on the previous images--enough contrast now?
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          Some new ones

          Adding a few more. As I said earlier I'm not too happy with the ones I used the kicker on, can someone give me some pointers as to placement.

          The little guy was just too tired. I popped the contrast up one these 3.
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            gorgeous family - can't believe she has (almost) five kids!
            I like the first one a lot. What a pretty little girl!