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HELP!!!I need pricing advice!!! (thanx kirk)

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  • HELP!!!I need pricing advice!!! (thanx kirk)

    I am sorry that my question was so vague.

    I am interested in advice on pricing all types of portraiture: Seniors, Weddings, children, etc.

    I already have a set sitting fee on portraiture ($50 for 36 poses) But I was wondering what is the going rate for prints (different sizes), proofs (set/individual), and even negatives...I need some advise on how to deliver them, in an album or what?

    I have prices on prints already, but I'm wondering what OTHER photographers have to offer...that way, I know whether the hike or lower the cost of printing.

    Is my sitting fee to high/low???

    What about weddings??? How do I price my time for taking wedding photos, and what do I take pictures of?

    See my wanted ad in the buy/sell looking for a certain lens AND for a good starting lighting setup...

    Thank You,


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    Re: HELP!!!I need pricing advice!!! (thanx kirk)

    I am working under the assumption you know what you are doing with a camera and are on a professional level of expertise. If not, you need to work for someone else until you can deliver a professional grade of photography.

    Best advice I can give you, is to get on some of these web sites. Especially the ones in your area. That way you will have some idea where to start. Also, where do you want the public to perceive you to be? You have two choices to be the most effective: high -- low volume or low -- higher volume. If you are still using film, you need to consider how the volume level will affect the way you do your work (workflow). If you are lower priced and have a higher level of volume, you will definately need help. Higher volume and you may be able to handle it up front.

    Weddings are a different story. One way is to create three (and only three) packages. Have a retainer and a very good contract. This may give you some initial cash flow. Put some of the money into a savings account 25% at least. Set your prices so that you can make a profit of at least 30% on top of all costs. If you don't like packages, you can give them everything you shoot (after you take out all the bad ones). Charge a retainer and then an hourly fee to cover your costs. Set a two hour minimum (at least) and no less than $200 per hour. If they want an album on top of that, sell them one and mark it up at least twice for your price. Three times is better.

    That's weddings and I am out of time for now.....

    Rick G


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      Re: HELP!!!I need pricing advice!!! (thanx kirk)

      Seniors and all portraits to me should be price NOT as a package (here we go again).


      When you price as a package, you set a limit for the customer to buy. YOU say:

      1 of these, 2 of these, 3 of those, 56 of them, all for only $xyz.oo

      The customer thinks that is what they are supposed to spend and they do.

      IF you remove the package and price things seperate. YOU will have higher averages!!!

      I sell 8x10's to senions, unretouched for $45 and retouched for $65

      I price family portraits and all other portraits higher. WHY??? BECAUSE they usually only buy one. Thus a family 8x10 is $65 unretouched and $95 retouched.

      I have a childrens portrait club to encourage them to keep coming back. I price it exactly the same as senior portraits.

      MY wedding are different. I charge $4500 and you get what ever you want.



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        too low

        You are too low on your family portraits!!!!

        Many of the photoigraphers in the Houston are at $150 for an 8x10!!!!


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          In 2 years....

          ....I won't do them at all!!

          I'm thinking all I want to do in 2 years is seniors portraits. OPEN for 6 months and then close for 6 months!!!

          IN 2 years everything I own will be paid for, studio, property, house, cars, etc.

          So, being I don't do that many, what the heck, you may be right. I'll try raising the price and see what happens.



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            and some...

            very upscale Houston photographers offer BOTH.. packages for seniors and a la carte.


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              Re: and some...

              And in my opinion they are losing money for it.



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                Re: and some...

                people can't read a price list very well! My 4x5's are the same price!

                Studing my clientelle and their buying habits. I'll tell you one thing, if what I have seen continues to hold true, it will be the last senior season we ever offer packages as most of us know them. Kirk, you're right but not for the reason you think. We'll talk in Tampa! And, that guy from Odessa or Midland, is just trying to start something after not reading the Sandbox!