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  • Pictures to exe PTE

    I would like to use the wnsoft PTE to show my images to customers, however, I also would like to prevent the coping of the cds. What program is used with PTE to prevent the cds from being copied? and what program is use to expire the cd after so many days.

    Thank for repling

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    Re: Pictures to exe PTE

    I'm thinking about the same thing. I believe that the P2E allows you to set the expiration time. As to preventing the CD from being copied - I'm not sure how you would do that but it sounds expensive. On the other hand - if it's going to expire, so what?

    I was thinking about having people download the executable from the internet so that more people could view if they so desired. Seems like it would be less work for me than creating web pages. Just a thought ...


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      Great program -- get it

      Pic2Exe is your answer. You cannot get the images from the screen and the expiration date works great.

      I really like the feature where you can show the image name at the top (001, 002, etc).

      Great program.


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        Re: Pictures to exe PTE


        Let em copy to there hearts content. Under the "advance" tab under project options you can set a time limit. After that it won't work. Unless they are smart enough to change the time and date on there computer.

        It's a great program. It has made me alot of $$$



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          Re: Great program -- get it

          awesome program.

          Powerful and good support

          Steven Lott


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            One problem

            It doesn't work with MAC unless they have Virtual PC installed. (As far as I know)


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              downloading from internet

              This is a very great program, indeed, and well worth the few dollars.

              I also thought about downloading as you mentioned, however the size of the file would make that a troublesome situation for most people. Many will be on a phone modem line, and it would take a long time. Some of my exe files are over 10 megs.

              But it is still one of the best ways to "send out proofs". I have done it since May, and even will try my first wedding on P2E this week.


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                Re: Pictures to exe PTE

                Downloading P2Exe as I post this--so I'll give it a try. Aside from this, I just noticed in the 8/2002 issue of Studio Photography & Design, Page 22, they reviewed a program called FlipAlbum. [] You are supposed to be able to put your prints on CD [hi-res] and they can't print or copy them. Also, you are able to set an expiration, and add music and put names on the tops of the pages. It sounds good and I looked at some samples on their site and they weren't too bad. What did bother me was some of the comments posted "It's junk, save your money", etc.

                Has anyone used this program, and what is your opinion? Is it worth $150? The thing that impressed me the most was that the images cannot be printed or copied; does P2Exe offer this?

                Llew, you said you made a lot of money from P2Exe. Let's here more about what you are doing.


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                  Re: Pictures to exe PTE

                  Yes P2E will allow you to disable the print screen button, thus making copying difficult. You can also put a expiration date to the show. We show all our images thru P2E, the slide show is offered with our 2 largest package. And you can buy it for $99 as an add on. We have had a bunch of people buy them. I have 4 shows to make up in my office right now. That's either $400 or they are buying the largest packages which means there orders are over $1000.

                  That's what I ment.