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  • A Gripe!

    Hey Kirk & Rick!

    You know what?! I spent time today putting together some files (6x12 @ 100 dpi) to post tonight. They had 3 images each of an album that I put together today, and now I can't post them because they're either too big to post, or they'll be too small to see.

    I'm sure this belongs in an area like Off my chest or sandbox, but I am here so I'm gonna gripe.

    So humph!

    But yes, I will still play here in this little sandbox.

    I LOVE my lab, H&H!

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    I posted something earlier and can't figure out why it's not any bigger than it!

    I am not sure why so I asked Kirk about it....but there was stuff earlier that was sooooo big I could not tell what the whole photo looked like and I was on the big monitor....

    So, I know Kirk will fix this or tell us how to get them up....I think part of the problem is in Kirk's post he said "80,000 k That would be an 80 meg file but the limit is am not sure, but I think he's probably pretty fried about now trying to get all of this working the way he wants.....Hey in thinking about this I think what he meant to do was 800 K That's about 700x700 at 72 dpi.

    We'll see.....




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      Both WRONG!!!!

      I think it's about time both of you guys start learning a little about photoshop!!

      Is more than a tool to make pretty pictures you know!!

      OK, here's how it works:

      1. OPEN your images, size it to 700x700 pixels and 72 DPI. The file should be about 9.722 inches.
      2. Then save it to a JPG but save it at 12. Don't forget to REMOVE all profiles when you save it, or you will make it bigger than it needs to be.
      3. Then open windows explorer and look at the file size.
      4. IT should be about 240 K. Too Big to post.
      5. Go back and save it at 10, now it's 127 K. Still too big.
      6. Go back and save it at 8, now it's 82 K. Almost PERFECT???? But still too big.
      7. ONE MORE TIME, go back and save it at 7, now it's 65 K!! PERFECT size.....

      And here it is:

      Attached Files
      Redheaded Johnson


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        By the way.......This photo represents an almost $4,000 order. All of the tricks and tips I learned form people here on the Pro4uM!!

        So, just imagine, $50 to join, and $4000 in return!!

        WAY COOL!!

        Redheaded Johnson


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          I think I can accurately say this for both Michael and I --

          WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

          WE'RE NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!



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            just learning about one software program here earned a friend of mine and his partner 40% more per each oder !

            place a pencile to 40% added to each order you sell your customers and smile

            look at it this way for those of us with websites
            what Kirk just told us
            will enable us to
            create faster loading pages
            which means visitors to our website will stay longer and give us more consideration compared to those that have sites that take for ever to load page one.

            even refresher on topics like this help laime ole' me
            that has just been spured to
            start getting my site slicker and if you look now
            do it on DSL and ignore my broken links
            Part of my trouble came when I moved to a new server last week
            ain't that fun Kirk ?


            PS I will waive The Rajun Cajun Red head's flag any time I can
            because he has done a lot for all of us.


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              NOW all bow and kiss my ring.......HEHEHEHHEEHEHHEHEHEHEHEH

              I HOPE YOU KNOW I'M KIDDING!!

              Hope you can use this little trick.

              Redheaded Johnson


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                And, after Steven's post, I have a new tag line for Pro4um:

                "Making good photographers better"

                I don't think I even realize how much I have gotten from this site!
                It's hard to put a $ amount on how you guys have affected me, professionally and personally....I just know it's more than I could ever repay! It's not just the information and education, but the relationships I have established with awesome artists and technicians all over the country. This is better than PPA or any other organization because we all get to talk every day.

                Thanks, again, Buddy!



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                  THAT is the very reason I created this!! I can't tell you how many times I ran into problems, and still run into problems, when I was starting out!!!

                  I so wanted to have someone to ask a simple question to like: DO I paint the walls of my studio BLACK? or WHITE?

                  HOW SIMPLE, but when you don't know, the feeling is horrible.


                  PS. You are WELCOME!!
                  Redheaded Johnson


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                    Hey Kirk -

                    How about giving sone details of how you created this image. I assume it's painter (which I am just learning). Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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                      I will offer one tip and let Kirk do the rest..........

                      It took me awhile to realize that paintings esp watercolor paintings do not have straight lines

                      Use the clone feature of Painter it's under File
                      Use the Just Add Water brush Tool
                      I use 40 - 50 % Opacity while brushing over the areas and draging colors into other colors.
                      Melting and molding shadows and light, blending
                      just like painting with liquid but we do it sutle,
                      to not distroy the image under it - But blend thos lines and have no straight lines left.


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                        Painter is difficult!! I find it worst than Photoshop!!

                        But Steve about covered it. JUST ADD WATER is the key.

                        What version do you have? IT makes a difference.

                        Redheaded Johnson


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                          ok, question, how DID you do it? If you did it in Painter, don't bother, I don't have the time right now to learn it. BTW, AWESOME JOB ON THE NEW PRO4UM!!!! U DA MAN!


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                            Well....Mr Branch.....thank you for gracing us with your presence, sir!!!! Just messin with you man!!!!

                            Glad you made it over here!!!! Yea, that's painter.....and it's not as hard as you think....but wait til after the first of the's addictive! Shelley Allen helped me after Kirk's Chat and something finally clicked. But, now I find myself taking photographs just for is relaxing....

                            Hope all is well and glad to hear you're busy!



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                              That's anothe thing!! EVERYONE who subscribed to the Chat Room service, will be getting that transcript next month.

                              So read it,,,,It spells it out perfectly.

                              Redheaded Johnson