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Tony Corbell seminarl "The Power of Light"

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  • Tony Corbell seminarl "The Power of Light"

    I have one of Tonys books and just got a flyer in the mail that he is going to be putting on seminars around the county. Has anyone been to one of his seminars? If so did you find it worht while?

    For me its all about light and how to make light work for you. So anytime I can get info on light I try to make an effort to attend.

    Does anyone have any good books on the subject? I think I have everyone ever published and still feel like I know nothing somethimes.

    One of these days I'm going to find some who will let me spend a day with them doing studio and location sessions. So anyone who would like to have a flunky for a day to carry your bags and hold the reflector let me know.


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    I hate to be negative. But Basically Tony is a guy who used to be with Dean Collins. When Dean quit teaching lighting tony continued. If you have any of Collins lighting videos there is no need to see tony.

    Also I feel tony gives a lot of misleading information on the use of flash outdoors in combination with sun.

    See his two articles in the the latest Rangefinder.



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      What do you think of Don Blaire?


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        My only experience with Don is the following

        I really like his work

        I bought a book he did called "Body Parts" or something like that put out by Marathon Press. I thought that sucked.

        and I saw a video he did with Monte Zucker. Monte was good. Don Sucked.
        Monte had to keep restating what Don said because it was either not correct or very confusing.

        Based on the video Don didn't impress.

        But sometimes that is the case. There are many photographers out there who are incredible talents but they suck as teachers. However because they have won a lot of PPA merits for their work they automatically get pushed as being great seminarians.

        A case in point is Jay Stock. He is definitly one of the great photographic artists alive. However his week long workshops are really poor.

        But. It is only my opinion. I'm sure others would disagree.