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Thru the veil...

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  • Thru the veil...

    One more from the bride...
    fuji S2.........
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    cool shot! I love the curl of hair, and the feeling of this pic


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      Nice!!! Enter this in print competition, I'd give it a 90.



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        Hey Lisa!

        Talent abounds here in the PDA section!

        I really can't believe how many talanted people we have here on the pro4um that post. With all the new upgrades to Pro4um, we are able to see even more of what everone else can do. I am totall amazed by everyone's talant.

        Talant like yours, Lisa. Wow.

        Good job!

        I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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          WAY KEWL! I love it.

          Lisa, are you shooting "traditional" or "photojournalism" style
          on your weddings?



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            Thanks Fred...picked up the hair trick from Kirk!

            Mark...I've never entered anything in print competition other than an SPI folio....and 8x10's in CPI's convention....I wouldn't know where or how to enter.....sorry I am not a ppa'er.

            Michael...thank you very much for your nice comments!!

            Adam... I DO NOT , REPEAT DO NOT DO WEDDINGS!!! I quit them about 6 years ago.....I am a retired pj from the newspaper...quit that about 13 years ago....started at the ripe ol age of 18!!


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              Hey Lisa,

              I do weddings, but not that many. My first PJ style wedding is next month and I'm excited. I was 18 when I started my studio business also! I've always specialized in seniors.

              So why do you say not to do weddings? lol. They are stressful, but can be pretty profitable.


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                It's officially classified as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Society, but I LOVE weddings. Especially now that our prices pretty much weed out all the white trash weddings that we had to do when we started.

                We only do a max of 25 a year, so we don't get stale and burned out, and I am finding them easier and easier. This is our 6th year, and I no longer stress out about them like I used to do. We have so much fun with our couples, they forget about being nervous.

                I know, I'm an ill man, but there is apparently no known cure!


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                  Very nice! You mentioned Kirk's trick on the hair...what is the trick?

                  Poor bride's in your area--if you're not doing weddings....


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                    Heather...its not a "trick" really. Kirk posted an image about a year ago with a girls hair like that and I thought it was cool. By hair like that I mean that curl almost covering her eye. I get asked about weddings almost daily.....I have no desire to do them at all...stressful.....had to dress up to go to them
                    and never very profitable. I spent every Sat. for years at weddings.....then I worked every sat. for years...I have just now quit booking Sat. I reserve them from rainouts etc.