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help me find a lab that makes posters

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  • help me find a lab that makes posters

    I have a customer that needs 200 posters and I was hoping someone could direct me to a lab that makes 22x28 posters

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    jb try a commercial print shop. Photographic posters in that quantity would probably be to expensive.
    Good Luck


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      There ia a place on the net called that makes posters but I think it would be very expensive to do 200.

      I agree with Cliff......a commercial printer would be the way to go.
      Do a search or look in the back of MacWorld, MacAddict or I bet a pc magazine.....there are tons of ads in there for such printers.


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        If your going to make 200 posters, even if you paid $10 each for them you could probably buy an HP500 PS 24" poster printer which is a 1200 dpi printer for about $2500 . I have the 42" printer which is double price but it's awesome... You could print your own then!