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Backstage at The Wedding

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  • Backstage at The Wedding

    One more try on backstage. A few shots done on my very old nikon that finally made it into action after several years in the bag. Shot with a 105 lense mostly, 3200 B/w film handheld at about 1/15 sec

    Got to do these because the priest like backpacking Kings Canyon and we talked about it. I worked from the Priest prep room in this historic little church in Aberdeen MS. None of these were purchased by the bride. They bought many color images but did not see any value in these.
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    Man, those are great!!! I know photographers who make a lot of money doing those kinds of images - and not as well as you do. That's just good shootin'. I know how disappointing it can be when a client doesn't respond about work like this. All I can say is don't stop - do some 'mo...not everyone is tasteless.


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      Thanks for your kind words and of course we will continue to do them when we can. Barb and I are decidated to the creation of images and we think ourselves dreaming somedays when the money rolls in. If your are ever through Aberdeen ask about the old church, it is like stepping back in time. Actually the whole town is a time warp and the BBQ is so fine.


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        They are wonderful! I would have killed to have photographs like that from my wedding...but then I did get married in Iceland in the courthouse. Not the same atmosphere.

        The feeling from these photographs is a warm fuzzy one. I don't usually get that from wedding pictures anymore but these are awesome. We've got a wedding today and it makes me look forward to it.

        Thank you for posting these images.


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          Cool stuff, Richlain. There's an Aberdeen in Mississippi or as my grand father used to tell me when I was about 5, M,i, crooked letter, crooked letter, i , crooked letter,crooked letter, i, humpback, humpback, i


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            That is the way we learned to spell it also Gary. Thanks for the kind comments. Christie have a great wedding coverage today. Each one is what we make it and a new oppotunity to create some wow images. Go for it.