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  • Digital Images in Print Competition

    I am wondering how well any of you have done with your digital images when entering them for print competition. I have four I am running through this coming year and I was concerned by some comments I heard from judges lastyear. Has anyone developed a criteria for what not to do when entering digital images in non-digital competition?

    Waldo Berry

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    What type of comments did you hear?


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      Have to keep images sharp, watch out for muddiness, to much filtration, lack of warmth. I have been able to tweak mine with NIK filters to get around all of this.


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        Waldo, what NIK filters are you using? I saw your post in another area where you mentioned them. I'm always looking for new ways to produce great images!


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          I bought the pro set. It is really nice for digital photographers. The ones I use the most are the Midnight and morning filters, B/W set, Brilliance and warmth, and the Softener set. They are very easy to use and plug right into photoshop. They allow you to make adjustments within the filter variables, so the effect of one filter turns into to may of the same filter at any degree you want. They are one of my best investments short of PS7.