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  • Suprise wedding

    I did a wedding this year at of all places a hockey rink. And to top it off it was a surprise for the groom. When the bride came to me and told me about this wedding, I was really leery, but hey, I'm slightly crazy anyhow, so why not go for it. So the groom is a hockey player and I'm supposed to fake like I'm a news camera man. A bunch of friends of the groom show up and proceed to sing happy birthday to him, because it really is his birthday. Then a trumpeter pops in the door and starts a fanfare, the groom is clueless.
    Then the bride strolls in in her gown and the groom is speechless. On top of that the news is there and they are recording it for the nightly news cast. Here I am thinking, boy I hope this guy is up to this and it's not a trap wedding. I kept looking for shot guns to pop out. Anyway I don't skate, so I slide out snap my shots and slide around. They do a hockey stick arch and the whole nine yards. What a really strange wedding, but fortunately it was a I Do ending..

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    Waldo, I bet one of the funniest things was seeing you sliding around on the ice in dress shoes trying hard not to fall and destroy your camera!!! lol.

    Hey, if my lady did that to me, I'd say I do!


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      yes it was quite an experiance, I prefer floating down the white water rapids.


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        Several years ago, in an Evelyn Lageman class, we had a contest for the weirdest wedding story........Waldo, you would have won hands down!!!!