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  • After "The Move"

    This is my hair dresser and "her man". No retouching, just ran "The Move" on it. I may post another from the session later. This image (or another similar one) will be in MY wall in a couple of weeks.....

    Ken Porter
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    Ken, great image with wonderful expressions. People often want to smile when they get in front of a camera and sometimes it's hard to get them to give you a relaxed, pleasant expression without looking grumpy. You've done a great job creating a flattering portrait of them both.


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      Yes, very nice shot indeed!
      Equally impressive is how you scored Oprah as your hair dresser!
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        Oprah ain't near as pretty...

        Thanks for the very kind words. This was a really fun session (as are 98% of my sessions).

        Trust me, Yvonne is better looking than Oprah, but thanks for a very gracious comparison. I'll pass it on to her.


        PS I'll post a few more from this session as time allows.


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          Second thought....

          You should see Yvonne kick my butt in racquetball. Woohoo, the girl knows how to dress to play racquetball....



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            Funny, I also looked at here and said "Oprah?"

            Very Nice photograph. Very nice.


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              Very Kewel

              only one minor point, rotate her hand so that it is not flat towards the camera. with this pose it would have nbeen easy to place her hand more at edge by sliding onto the top of his arm instead of on the side.

              She is better looking than Oprah,
              she has the Oprah look but Hybrid

              Again very good job I really like the expression


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                Hand suggestion duly noted...


                Thanks for the kind words, and I'm in complete agreement about her hand (that's why God put pockets on guys' pants -- so they'd have a place to put their hands....)

                I'll pass on everyone's compliments to Yvonne. She's as delightful as she looks. I'm just now getting to know Jasper, and he's thirteen kinds of sharp (looks and personality). They make a really handsome couple.