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  • Fairyland

    I created this fairyland set last year. Had a little success with it. After I started doing watercolor painter with it I have had six request for sessions using fairyland this month. Here is another.
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    Excellent job, Karen! I bet you'll make a ton of money creating images like this one!!!!! Moms will love you to pieces! Keep it up!


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      Another one I did yesterday...
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        You know, I see lots of folks trying this and not being able to pull it off.....because you have to start with good photography! They appearantly don't get that part....

        This, on the other hand is awesome -- great photography and then the extra icing on the cake!!!! Wonderful job of creating art!

        Keep it up!!!!


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          I love it! Nicely done. I have been wanting to put one together...maybe after the baby is born I'll get my butt in action.


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            Oh - my - gosh! They are both great, but the one of the baby is awesome. That should score well in competition. I see lots of these type images where the subject is overpowered by the set but these are nicely done.


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              Can you share with us what you used in the set, background and "stuff"? Also, any tips on working with the baby. When I set up props like this, the baby is so curious, grabbing the flowers, vines, fabrics, chewing on them, moving them all around, generally wreaking havoc.


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                Thanks everyone so much for your kind words, I enjoy doing this kind of portrait alot.
                We use Scenic Design rocks for the base, this gives the child a place to set. We try to make the set fairly wide so if they are moving around they are still in the scene. I use Flower and greenery garland and bushes from Hobby Lobby, my favorite prop store. It is just a Craft and Hobby chain, they probabaly don't have them up your way.

                I try to work with an assistant that is constantly moving the stuff out of the babies mouth, hands etc. We let them play for a little while and take lots of "on the move" shots, then try to put purfume on the flower to get them to smell it or a fake butterfly or something for them to look for. I have fake frogs and snails in the scene . Yes they do wreck havoc, the scene doesn't look the same when they get done!

                We make the fairy outfits out of dance outfits or leotards collected from walmart or consignment stores. The wings are angel wings from the costume store spray painted to match the outfit and tulle sewn on to soften it up a little.

                The background is a painted canvas background that I got at Texas School one year. Lamar Richardson was the artist!!! I use it alot.

                We light with a 4x6 softbox as main and umbrella fill so it doesn't matter if they move around, we can still catch them!