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    Hello. I am new to pro4um and am interested in joining. I would like some additional information about this site and what to expect of it.

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    Welcome Linda. Tell us more about yourself, so we might give you some information relevant to you, where you are, and where you want to go.

    Briefly, it's a discussion group for working professionals, and those who are serious about becoming working professionals, regardless of current skill level.


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      Fred I am new also and ewanting to post some portriats but don't know what crops or sizes to submit?


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        go here:

        Redheaded Johnson


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          Fred, First of all thank you! I am very excited about being able to speak with fellow photographers. In my area there are 3 of us and getting advice or help is non existent. I graduated from Purdue in 1996 and have been photographing in my studio for 8 years. Most of what I have accomplished is self taught. There is so much I want to learn. I am 100% digital.

          A few things I am in need of help are custom white balance and actions for seniors in photoshop. I have had some training on cwb but I have not been able to use it in my studio. There is also a look I am trying to achieve with my seniors. In speaking with Ron Fleckel from H&H I was directed to Kirk Voclain's work.( Which is simply breathtaking) Ron also said he thought it was called "the move".

          There are many, many more questions I have...but this is a start!
          Thank you again!
          Linda Cornelius


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            Welcome to the forum you two. Expect late nights, blurry vision and a head that threatens to explode. Expect a slower computer in a few months from all the downloads, saved favorite websites and extra work you will be doing in your quest for for a photography education. Stock up on your favorite beverage, and get yourself a comfortable computer chair. You're going to need it!

            The forum has just about ANYTHING you need to know about photography. IF it's not in here, either someone knows the answer and you just need to post the question, or you probably didn't need to know it in the first place.

            Oh, forgot to mention all the COOL, timesaving actions you can download as a member. Or how about all the SWEET tutorials you can watch showing and telling how to do things like retouch, run "the Move" action found on the forum, or many other tutorials.

            Once signed in, you can post pictures I beleive and there is a sticky note to tell you how to do it. Come on in and join fun!

            Enjoy your time here, you should have signed up yesterday.


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              Thanks! This is exactly what I have been looking for! Right now I am not a member but am trying this out. In order to take advantage of actions and tutorials, do I need to be a member? If I post photographs, is there a critque? I need advice on where to go with images that just aren't there for me. I have entered PPI print competition the last 4 years but seem to get slammed at the judging. HELP!


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                I am not a member but am trying this out. In order to take advantage of actions and tutorials, do I need to be a member? If I post photographs, is there a critque? I need advice on where to go with images that just aren't there for me
                Yes !

                This is the right place for you to learn and grow beyond your wildest dreams !

                Members of the PDA (Profesional Discusion Area) are allowed to post images for critique and download the actions that are here (there are many)

                The Move is my most frequently used action
                or more prcisely the Move 2005, which is I belive the only action that I use that is not included in the free downloadable action area - "The Move 2005" is a small extra FEE
                which I think is $15 but only if you are a PDA member
                and is simply not available if you are not a Pro4Um PDA member.

                The Move (either one) is worth the membership fee alone
                to us

                Look forward to seeing you on the pDA side !


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                  Thank you...I am now a Pro4uM member! I can't wait to take advantage to everything in here!! First of all, what about the actions? I do not know how to download them or use them. I am having trouble custom white balancing. Can you take me step by step on what to do?


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                    Congrats and welcome!! For actions, what version of PS are you running? How experienced are you in PS? For a custom WB, are you film / digital....tell us more!



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                      The actions are in the ACTION section under the PDA (Pro Area)....When you click that room...there are several threads at the top talking about in the MOVIE section I believe there is a MOVIE on actions.

                      Finally...never forget about the HELP button inside PHOTOSHOP...this is a very helpful button....

             will get a greater respons to your questions if you post them in the room that you need help with.

                      Redheaded Johnson


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                        How do I post in different rooms? I am running Photoshop CS. There is a lot about Photoshop I am unfamiliar with but I know my way around. I am digital. The problem I have been experiencing is after a white balance metering my image is green.


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                          Welcome Linda,
                          You might want to go to the top and run a search for white balance. Or just search through some recent pages in the digital photog room. There are wonderful people here who really love what they do and it shows. They are also very helpful, but take a trip through the dif rooms so you get a feel for what each is about, then you will know if your question has already been answered, or at least where to ask it.
                          Welcome to Chris as well, hope you both have fun here, it really is addicting...
                          See ya 'round.


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                            Welcome Linda here is a link to an action go here and just download it and save it to a folder that you set up like make a folder and call it Actions. You can put your action folder on your desktop. Then copy and paste the action into photoshop. C/programfiles/adobe/photoshop/presets/photoshopactions. Then open photoshop and go to your actions palett and click on load action and then load the action.



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                              Hi Linda,
                              About custom white balance: I suspect you are using a Fuji camera and a photographing a white card to balance with. No jokes, the fuji camera will do that. We shoot Canon but I saw this happen in a class we taught. Two things: use a grey card and be careful not to over expose it. If you use an overexposed subject for your custom white balance you will get green with Fuji and blue with Canon.
                              Mary Jo