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Color Brochure Printing????`

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  • Color Brochure Printing????`

    OK...I'm going to spend the money this year for some CUSTOM BROCHURES for sendiors...if it works great!!!! I'll then do it for other areas of my business.

    I know many out there do this now:

    Gary Box
    Kieth Branch

    But...I'm wondering where you are getting these things printed???

    I'm going to have a 8.5 x 5.5 sized brochure that is 8 pages long. IN OTHER WORDS...I'll have 2 - FRONT and BACK - 8.5 x 11 pages printed.

    I'll have to fold and assemble them myself but I can get 1000 from VISTA PRINT for: $700

    Any one have a better reccomendation????? for a place to do this kind of stuff???

    Redheaded Johnson

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    Kirk, my sons company has had work done by this company..

    When I put in a 9x12 brochure, 4 color both sides, tri-folded and varnish coated, I got a quote of $472. I think they send out of package of information as well. I know he FTPed the files to them and it took about 10 days w/shipping.


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      That's a good price, but you still have to fold and staple, depends on how much you'd like to pay someone else to do that. I get mine printed at MWM Dexter, (7500 = $2100) but looking into next year.


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        MWM Dexter has done EXCELLENT color for us, and their prices are hard to beat! I've already had them print close to 30,000 pieces for us so far this year, and I have a LOT more to go! We're marketing aggressively!


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          I did my 8 page book at

          I think it was $988 for 2000 books stapled and collated. I would not do the collation and stapling myself.



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            Kirk, isn't your time better spent than folding the peices yourself? We printed 2400 letters yesterday on our phaser and took them to a local printing company to fold them for us. $25.00. We used Marathon Press this year to make our cards and brochure.

            Just too busy with military balls and a busy summer to do it ourselves. Hope this does not bite us in the butt not using our own photos, but anything shown on the cards we can do.


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              I didn't see the 8 pages. When I entered that I ended up with $780 plain or $846 w/varnish. That's shipping as well as folding and stapling.


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                I also seen they have a 10% off for your first order......


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                  We used to have Kinkos do our folding for us after we printed inhouse or somewhere else. It adds up. The last time I did this the bill for folding was $114.00. They charge 3 cents a page.
                  That was the turning point. I could not see all that money for folding over a years time.
                  Did some research and bought my own folder for $450.00. It is WONDERFUL!!
                  In a few months it has paid for itself plus the convenience is nice.


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                    I like using a local printer (J.B. Kreider in Pittsburgh) because then I can go watch them being printed. It's not that I need input as to how they look, (the printer is excellent at that), it's just so darned much fun to see 4 color printing done! The run was last Friday @ 6:00am, so I brought the coffee and the donuts and we had a great time. This year our Senior catalog will have 12 pages (I think) plus a 2 page fold out. If you think color balancing in photoshop is complex, you ought to see them do it right on the press, it's amazing. Anyhow, I probably spend a few more bucks doing it this way, but for service and turnaround times you can't beat it. They handle everything including binding, all I have to do it put on the label.


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                      Blossom Publishing in Winona MN 800-583-5370


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                        We used Blossom Publishing this year also and are extremely pleased with the piece they've done. I'll be using them for my postcards next year as well! Let me know and I'm happy to mail one of our magazines they printed.


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                          I have newsletters and 6x9 cards printed at Check out their prices.



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                   nuff said


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                              Thank you for all those ideas....I've sent off for some samples...I'll see what happens...

                              Redheaded Johnson