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client moving to St. Louis...need to refer a photog

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  • client moving to St. Louis...need to refer a photog

    I have a WONDERFUL client who recently finished the BP. Her son is about 14 months old and they are moving to St. Louis in August. I told them I'd try to find them a photographer in the vicinity.

    She will probably be very interested in a Watch Me Grow program or something similar for their son, Christopher.

    BTW...we just did a family portrait of them at the beach yesterday....and she told me that they want a portrait to hang over their new MANTLE!!! So...whoever gets them...if you go to their house, that will be our portrait in the living room

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    Have them try Phoenix Photography. DOn't have a number handy but they have a couple studios around St. Louis and do great work.



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      I'll check them out. Thanks


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        Traci, I'm in St. babies too! Okay, so I have to look up Mundelein, IL on a map...I was just up in Lake Geneva over the 4th...just on the OTHER side of the border!
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          Thank you Lauri! I went to your site... Your work is beautiful!
          Do you do mostly black and white? Most of what we've done for them has been color (baby plan stuff) and a little bit of black and white. Do you travel exclusively to families homes? Or do you have a studio space as well?

          I'd love to also find out how you structure your pricing...collections, a la carte, etc...
          I'd like to give my family as much information as can pm me if you don't want to post all that info here.

          Thank you!

 Lake Geneva was a blast over the 4th...crowded too I'm sure! I'm about 45 minutes from there. Funny, we were up north of Minoqua in upstate Wisconsin for the 4th..Manitowish Waters, near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Had a blast!
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            Yeah, LG is fun over the 4th. It was kind of muggy this time...usually I love going there to get away from that. My inlaws have a place up there, and many of my husband's cousins grew up there, so it's always a huge family reunion every year with cousins coming from all over the country. And they all have kids now, so it's alot of exhausting fun...need a vacation afterwards!

            I do both color and b&w...I used to do my own darkroom work, so for awhile, I only marketed myself as b&w. I need to update my site, but I don't know when I'll get around to it! Your client could always meet with me to go over my portfolio and talk about what she's looking for, too, and then if I'm not right for her, I could recommend others.

            Anyway, I'll pm you some details you can pass along...thanks Traci.


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              St. Louis Photographer

              I can suggest David Bentley. He is wonderful. Call him at Bentley Studio located near the intersection of Lindberg and Clayton Rd.


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                thanks bernie...I'll check it out...

                and thanks for the pm Lauri...I'll pass it along...