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Why belong to the BBB?

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  • Why belong to the BBB?

    We once were a paid member of the BBB. Shortly after, we got a complaint from a customer who had one 4 x 5 photo that had a crease in the corner of the photo. when the customer called it was obvious that he had been drinking and was very mad that this photo had a crease, we said we would replace it and apologized. But this was not good enough and he demanded all of his negatives as payment for the stress of having one 4 x 5 photo that was not perfect. We explained this was not how we handled things and he threatened to contact the BBB. to make a long story short he complained to the BBB and filed a report. We sent in our paper work and defended our selves and the BBB agreed with us and they told this person that they have no grounds for a complaint against us. here is what makes me mad. BBB still shows on our company report that we had a complaint that was taking care of by us. I have spoke with the BBB and they say we have a very good record and one complaint in 5 years is very good. Again I explained how a bride with their once in a life time day on the line would view this complaint, they may see it as "I failed to do a good job" or maybe I missed the entire wedding." The one bad mark does not say that the customer was a drunk fool that wanted something for free. The listing doesn't even say what the compliant was about. I will never belong to the BBB and think there should be a place we can file a compliant about the BBB.

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    Good question. The BBB is just another $ making business, nothing more or nothing less. A few months ago I received a phone call from one of their flakes "inviting me" to spend some $450 so I to could be a BBB member. While I was declining the invitation a customer came in so I just hung up while the flack was still trying to talk to me. About 30 secounds after that the flack called back and proceeded to chew me out for hanging up the phone!
    I went to the BBB website, made a copy of their merchant complaint form, filled it in (and mentioned that I charge by the hour so therefore they owed me $30 for the time of the conversations they started that I did not want and could not get away from) and eventually I got a smarmy letter from some other flake stating that he had talked to the caller, she would not do it again, and they would add my name to their do not call list. However they failed to include the $30 check. But then I have not received any more phone calls either. Guess you can't win them all!
    For the $450/year they charge, I can most likely fix most of the mistakes I might make, in fact I am already ahead by quite a bit.


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      If I could have filed a complaint about the BBB with the BBB I would have.

      Twice now, they've called on a Friday afternoon and left the following voice message:

      "This is xxx with the Better Business Bureau. It's very important that we speak with you right away. Please call us at your earliest convenience."

      Of couse, by the time I got the message, it was past their business hours, so I couldn't call until Monday. I spent the entire weekend agonizing about who could have possible filed a complaint against us. I didn't sleep much, and I was stressed out the whole weekend.

      8:00 am Monday, my day off, I called them with my hands shaking. Come to find out, it was a sales call. They wanted me to join. Once was bad enought, but then it happened again about 2 years later. I told the woman I would NEVER even consider joining, if this is an example of their deceptive sales tactics.


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        I had the same thing happen to me. The same message on my machine and I was sick over wondering what went wrong. They just want to scare the heck out of you so that you will promptly return there call and then you find out it is a sales call, this seems like a really cheep way to get you to return the message. It might be a good idea after we have a few posts on how the BBB runs there organization as if they are above the law since you can't report there poor service and low life sales tactics and direct the BBB main head quarters to this discussion.
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          Haven't got the phone call yet, but I would be more than infuriated about that kind of sales tactics.

          NO kidding they should be complained about to them.

          PS I just sent in my letter to the national whatever group and said leave me off telemarketing lists -- filed one with the state as well. 1-2 calls a MONTH!!!


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            Put your money in the bank or in a holiday. These organizations are most often far removed from the members and you are simply just a number and a check.


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              Talk about scams...if you need the BBB you are not running your business right!



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                Okay gang, I'm lost.

                If I have a client complain to the BBB, and I do not belong, does this mean that the BBB can do something against me?

                Really confused.
                I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                  The BBB will post the complaint even if you are 100% in the right and you did nothing wrong the complaint will stay on you information and it will not explain what you did it will just say you have a complaint against your business. So if a possible customer wants to check your record they call the Better Business and they check your history and there it is a complaint. It will say if you took care of the complaint but what does it matter a bride sees a complaint and doubt crosses there mind and they move on to the company with a clean record. the BBB should be closed.


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                    I second that. Any group out there making evaluations of ones work without recourse sucks big time. The suck the money from small business and suck up everything everyone says regardless of the important truth of the matter. Quite frankly most chambers are not a lot better.


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                      Wow! Geez! What a RIP OFF!

                      They sound WORSE than PPA!!

                      I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                        Much worse because they actually offer you nothing. At least PPA does some education and stuff.


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                          At least the PPA gives me a magazine free every month with informative articles.
                          No really why do I need to pay a company to take complaints and filke complaints against me. I don't need a baby sitter I can handle it all by myslef now that I am a big boy. LOL This is really all they do take your money and baby sit you and say now dont do that again or we will have to write bad things about you. Uh no thanks I dont think I'll be singing up.
                          LOL Thanks Mike