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"Film" Storage at Weddings

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  • "Film" Storage at Weddings

    What is everyone using for holding their data on while on location? Do you buy 10 flash cards, lug a laptop to the site, or get a digital wallet?

    Hate to say it, ive been lugging a laptop and its a pain in the butt.

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    Using several Microdrives seems to work the best for me. I am using both Nikon and Canon bodies and so I must write on the cards which cameras they are formatted for. After the wedding is over I will download the images to my Office computer and burn the CD's before I hit the pillow. I don't want to have to worry about downloading images on the job and possibly forgeting to save the information before erasing the disk. If I am shooting a commercial job, then the laptop works great for showing the client and getting approval.



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      I have been downloading on the labtop and leaviong them on the Microdrives. Reason is, redundancy. If something happens before I get the data cards home, I still have them on labtop. Plus I can transfer them faster from my labtop than I can from the microdrives.


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        We're using a Mindstore from Minds at work. IT's very small, works well, and depending upon which model you buy, will give you up to 20 gb of storage. I happen to have the 5mb model.

        We dump the microdrives and cards, and then put the cards in a storage case, for redundency purposes. Our policy - never have less than two copies of the image files.


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          I have been looking at those, my wife sometimes does weddings on her own, and she needs the ability to download her cards. Is the mindstore a USB or firewire connected unit once you get home to the computer. How long will the batteries last, and how reliable has it been??


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            It's firewire. Initially, the batteries had no life at all. They apparently got a bad batch. But now, the batteries seem to last a reasonable time. I still take the adapter with me, however, and just plug it in along with all my other battery chargers.

            I bought one of the original run, and had some problems with it. But Mindstore replaced it, and the new one is just fine. I suspect they now have the bugs out, and I'm comfortable recommending it.


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              I lug a laptop and burn to cd immediately. Good check to make sure images are fine, BEFORE you leave or go on to next phase of wedding.

              I have a mindstore digital wallet, have never used it and would be willing to sell it if you are interested me directly if you are!