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Okay this is what I've got, what else do I need

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  • Okay this is what I've got, what else do I need

    I have just registered my business and I need to know what else I need to get going. I am thinking taking out a small loan to help me.
    I have:
    A computer-w/PS 7
    Canon D-60-w/several lenses & Flash
    I got my sales tx #'s
    Pricing is set for the most part
    I am getting situated with H&H (they are sending me info)
    I am getting situated with a Art Leather
    Waiting for phone call from insurace company for liabilty-how much does this usually run?

    Is was trying to write a business plan, I was doing well until it came to the numbers. I have no idea how well I am going to do next year. I figure I will at least gross $2,000 being this is part-time for now. The example I was going from had all these numbers forcasting sales, etc. I do I figure that out or get by it. How am I suppose to know what I am going to make if I have never done it before?

    I want to do this right the first time. I know I am going to make some mistakes along the way but I want to at least make them small mistakes.

    I have gotten books from the library about starting business's and they have been a little helpful.