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    The Photoshop work on this image was by my 18 year old daughter, Kelly, who is our digital artist. She received the concept from a music CD from her younger sister, who is looking for ideas for her senior portraits next year.

    First, she made a duplicate layer. Then went to Filters:Blur:Motion Blur. Set amount. Then made layer mask on blurred layer, turn opacity to 40%, then used paint brush in layer mask over subject to reveal sharp image. Then, go back to 100% opacity and toss the layer mask!

    I thought it was pretty cool, but I can be a very biased, proud daddy!
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    Only thing I don't like is that the motion blur caught the girl also on the edges.. Need to mask out the girl in the background layer that you blur.

    The concept is good though.


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      Matt I disagree!! I PERSONALLY LOVE the edge of blur on her!!

      WAY COOL......HEY Larry......When is your daughter going to give us a PHOTOSHOP CLASS????

      Redheaded Johnson


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        Kirk, I accept the opinion, and know its a personal tyaste thing, I guess the part I don't like is that the blur makes too much a seperation, since the rest is way and completely blured and then she only has this glow blur....

        Just my opinion though.


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          I can dig it!!

          KINDA COOL don't you think that we can disagree with out being disagreeable!!!


          Redheaded Johnson


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            I guess the reason I liked it is because my daughters liked it. Since they are at the high school senior age, I really tend to listen to their opinions about photography.

            Kirk, As for the Photoshop class, Kelly wants to know what it pays? haha

            Matt, The glow blur was also on the music CD, so that's why she did it that way. Besides, when the girls need my opinion, they give it to me!


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              Should I say this......maybe not..hmmmmm no I Can't...oh well. Hey Larry.....she's in the srteet!!!!!! OMG



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                Tom, not just any street.. . . .. .hwy 76 in Branson. .. .. .. .BUT, real close to Lake Taneycomo, so there's not much traffic. . . anyway traffic has to slow down for the train track she's sitting in front of.