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Why the PDA is worth 10 times it's price

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  • Why the PDA is worth 10 times it's price

    Why do you NEED to get access to the paid side of this site. Because it is better than investing your $$$ anywhere else. I will give you a personal experience. Keith Branch posted and image here a few months ago. It was a collage of one girl making a bazillion faces. I thought it was Soooo cool I made one too and have it hanging in my studio. I had the owner of a local dance school (the largest & most prestigious in the area) and she saw it. She is now coming in on Monday and has already purchased nearly $1000 worth of prints based on us doing this print. Plus we are now going to be the photographer for her school.
    Is that worth the price to the PDA, yeah I think so.

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    I agree that the PDA is worth the price. The "move" alone pays for itself.

    I saw that picture as well and thought to myself that is was WAY too neat. Haven't had time to work on it myself, but plan to make an attempt. Have you posted it in the gallery?


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      Yes I have


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        What other ideas have you gotten?

        What other ideas have any of you gotten from the PDA?


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          How much does it cost?


          Haven't been able to find out how to sign up or how much it cost. Could you lead me in the right direction?




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            I guess that would help

            Kirk should make it more obvious but it is under the blue tab up above labeled "store" Then "pro4um access" and the cost is only $50 a year. A very wise investment if I do say so myself. Heres a direct link to the page to sign up. Look forward to seeing ya on the other side



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              Llew your right, It is worth the price of addmitance. For the small sum and the huge benefits.

              The Photoshop area along puts the price way below what I would pay.

              So many ideas and info are spread. I now use Kirks automation for proof sheets and order forms every day.


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                Great idea - a list of the many ways that the PDA has made you money! I'll throw in these:
                Lots of unbelievable poses, each of which has paid for the private section all by itself on any one order;
                Photoshop shortcuts too numerous to mention;
                Marketing ideas for just about every type of photography there is;
                Direct sales techniques for dealing with customers;
                Instant answers to almost any photo question you could imagine from people who know what they're talking about;
                The pencil drawing technique that Richard Yim just posted;
                Painter and other techniques for doing something different to your portraits;
                Hearing about new (and not so new) products from people that have actually bought them and found them to be useful;
                Ways to manage your digital workflow (thanks, Gary Box);
                And about 250 specific things I can think of offhand that would easily pay for the $50 signup fee.
                If you are in or even thinking about going into a photography business, this will be the best investment you ever make. I have bought lots of books over the years in hopes of getting one or two good ideas from each of them. I pick up something new every single day here in the PDA for less than 15 cents apiece.