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Problems saving as JPEG from TIFF

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  • Problems saving as JPEG from TIFF

    I have a Canon D60 & I shot some photos in RAW and them converted them to TIFF's. (using the software that came with the camera...yes I know a lot of people say it is bad software & I am looking to find new software..any suggestions?)
    Anyways I worked up the photos and then was going to save them as JPEG's. Should be simple go to save as then select JPG, well it won't give me that option. It will only give me 3 options:TIFF, PSD & RAW.
    I am using PS 6. What am I to do? Is it the software that is causing my problems? I am ready to shoot only the largest JPEG instead of doing RAW if I have too.

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    Look at the image, Mode that the images are in......
    you probably converted to 16 bit instead of 8
    PS will NOT allow you to do many things like adjust level or save to a different file type when in 16bit mode.

    Run, with your mouse to
    and get Yarc Plus
    faster, better and awesome support
    Most of the Canon shooters here on the Pro4um use it.

    Also get his new Archieve Creator (sp checker inop b4 1st coffe)
    The best thing about AC is that it allows us to select many files and burn to muttiple CD's
    without having to determine how many files need to be sent to each cd.

    But get YarcPlus first !


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      So if I change it to and 8 bit will that work or am i sol because it is 16 bit already?


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        The software will allow you to send it in as an 8 bit tiff, or go into photoshop and do this: IMAGE>MODE>then change it to 8 bit.

        By the way.....YarcPLUS is the best thing since sliced bread!!!

        AFTER you get it, do yourself a huge favor and sit down for 30 to 45 minutes and READ THE INSTURCTION book!!!

        There are all sorts of cool things in there that you will not find on your own.

        FOR EXAMPLE: How many of ya'll know about CLICK WHITE BALANCING??????

        Hold down your shift key, and click on something gray...BINGO,,,PERFECT COLOR BALANCE!!!!

        READING IS a wonderful tool.

        Redheaded Johnson


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          I have had so many people tell me to get YarcPLUS... so that is what I am going to do.
          Thank you


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            Don't forget about the READ the instruction part!!!!! In the long run it will save you tons of time.

            ALSO,,,STAY away from "Linear". JUST trust me.....UNLESS you are a PS expert, and unless you understand Linear Processing, just uncheck that box and do your thing.

            Redheaded Johnson


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              Sabrina, before Yarc (I don't use it after trying it) check out
              Beeze browser.

              Free download - trial, then register it for cheap.


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                why do you like breezesys?


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                  I've used Brese Browser....It works, but with Yarc Plus, you have the OWNER and CREATOR posting on a regular basis here on the Pro4uM..

                  The SUPPORT is wonderful...YOU need it to do something. YOU post it here and it's in the NEXT verson.

                  I have yet to even get an email response from Breeze Browser.

                  BUT then again..the chose is up to you.

                  Redheaded Johnson


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                    the support from Michael Tapes of YarcPlus and now Archive Creator is bar none !!!!!!!!


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                      Chris breeze gives all registered users new versions free for ever. I've gotten at least 12 update since I original purchased it.

                      Chris also replies to all my emails. I think he frequents the Rob Golbraith forums. He use to.

                      But heck - download trial versions of both and select the one YOU like best. Which is why I didn't respond to your question asking me what I like it best. Doesn't matter why I like it best - matters what you like best.


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                        I just received a e-mail from Chris Breeze. I will be sending him a RAW file from my Fuji S2 so he can do some testing.
                        BreezeBrowser is easy to use and is really inexpensive when you consider free upgrades.



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                          Some quibbles--I agree overall.

                          Photoshop (versions 5-7) does permit Levels and Curves on 16-bit files, and PS 6-7 permitted cloning. I generally recommend doing the preliminary color and contrast tuning in 16-bit mode if that's where the image started, as it'll minimize data loss. (Usually not significant unless severe changes are needed, but...) Thus, if you have 16-bit files, do your basic color fixing if needed, then convert to 8-bit mode.

                          If I had a PC, I'd probably get BreezeBrowser. A friend of mine uses it, and it's very nice. Being Mac-based, I use Canon's RAW converter to generate 16-bit linear TIFFs, then use Pekka's Linear Sharpen action to convert to a normal colorspace. The results have been far superior to non-linear conversions I've been able to achieve, and it works well in a batch process. (But it can be tricky to understand if you're not really comfortable with PS, even though using it doesn't require any real knowledge to get a decent result.)

                          I do my initial browsing using iView, which does let me view the internal 3MP JPEG the D60 generates in RAW format, and has some nice scripts, including the one I use as my very first step: rename the IMG files to data/time data from the EXIF data.