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    I was going to post a similiar post by hae never gotten around it. My God when I use my Text tool photoshop comes to a screeching halt. Granted I"m only on a PIII-850 but still. Just out of curiosity where are the other font file folders created & since I'm being lazy where inNorton do you disable the recycle feature?


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    Re: What Web Design Software?

    The problem that I have with Front Page is that it uses alot of hidden code. Stuff that is generated after you upload it to a server that has the Front Page extensions. And sometimes it is not viewed correctly on Macs. So I switched to Dreamweaver. Very clean and easy to learn, give it a try.



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      Beware Norton!!

      Gary, your experience is confirmation, again, of why I DON'T have Norton installed on my new computers. In talking with local computer gurus, NONE of them like Norton. They say that there's greater potential for screw-ups than of getting really good benefits. I have McAfee Online ($49/yr) protection, and boy, does it ever work for virus protection. It works all the time, and it's amazing that it will offer a dialog box in the middle of running an application, warning me that it detected a virus in a particular file, and offering the option to "clean" the file (if possible), or simply delete it. Amazing!

      Ken Porter

      Lubbock, TX


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        Re: deep doo doo

        Hi Lisa: Hi all:

        Sorry I read this so late all, but business has been very good!

        I read all the above and didn't read where anyone mentioned the very explicit procedure required for "removing" a CF or SM card using the Microtek reader [This at least for a PC system] The instructions state that before removing either type of card [if using the double slot model] you Must go to My Computer in Explorer and use the mouse to right click and select "EJECT". It took me a few misses of that procedure and the ensuing reloads and USB plug reinstalls before learning it's unforgiving nature. I haven't lost images because of it yet! But, darn near had a stroke the first time I forgot. Lisa? if you go back over it in your mind could that be what happened. How about some of the rest of you that experienced glitches with the microtek USB? I've had zero problems with it as long as I jump correctly through the hoops.

        Good business to you all

        Rex M.


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          Asnel Adams

          Just watched a short piece on TV about Ansel Adams.

          One of his quotes wat interesting...

          "The negavive is the score and the print is the performance."

          I should take time to look on the web for more information about him.


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            I guess we can change that to "file", huh? <img src= border='0'>


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              Re: Asnel Adams


              Check out

              Also there is a video that was done for PBS some years ago that is excellent. I have it on laser disc it was also released on VHS (Amazon shows one used copy available

              Very highly recommended, if for no other reason that to see Ansel Adams put a web test strip in the microwave to dry it quickly so that he could evaluate how much it would 'dry down'!



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                I thought “Asnel” Adams was a proctologist?... <img src= border='


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                  TOO LATE!!!

                  I bought it to add to the Video Rental Department here at the Pro4uM!!




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                    Darn,, and I was even looking at this name when I typed it.

                    I may be a little dixie -lex-it. ?