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  • In reply to Richard Yim (his post way down)

    What's your level of web expertise? I started with Frontpage. Moved up to Dreamweaver as I learned the details and effects of html code. Macromedia flys on most Macs.

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    I think I found it!

    OK. I think I solved the problem. Here is the deal. I installed Norton System Works 2002 on the system. And it includes a Norton Protected Recycle Bin. This was the bad boy.

    Every time PS starts, it sorts the fonts and creates a little font index file that should be automatically deleted when you close PS. Well, apparently, Norton was protecting that file from being deleted. So every time I started photoshop, it created another one. And when I started photoshop, it checked EVERY one of them. And it was keeping track of about 45 separate font lists. Since I have nearly 400 fonts, it was thinking there were 18000! no wonder fonts were running slow!!! And every time I started Photoshop, it got worse by adding one more index!

    So I disarmed Nortons Recycle Bin protection and deleted the indexs that should have only been temporary in the first place. Now all is perfect.

    Gary Box


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      Re: What Web Design Software?

      If your goal is to put up a nice looking web site that's easy to maintain and easy to learn, then FrontPage can't be beat. If you already know MS Word, you're halfway there.



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        Re: What Web Design Software?


        Just a few words of wisdom in web design and presentation. This will become your primary marketing tool and needs to be the best it can be. Many early sites were adequate but the internet consumer is much more sophisticated now and many large corporations have raised the bar in site quality (site flow, content, presentation, functions). I don't believe that we as professionals in the image segment of business can not afford to put out a bad site. So consider thee things before publishing your site to the world:

        -Write done the goals and reasons for having a site. Also, your maintenance plan. Think about this and keep adding or deleting from the list. This must be planned to be really successful! It is just another marketing plan.

        -Storyboard your thoughts and page ideas. Maybe use PowerPoint and create different slides as pages. Or just draw them out on paper.

        -Try different "look and feel" styles and survey friends and customers. The "look and feel" should complement your whole marketing plan. Colors, fonts, shapes, everything counts and should be taken into consideration. You don't want to have redesign this piece after a short while, it is time consuming and costly. Your time shouod be spent on updating images and text.

        -Spellcheck, spellcheck, spellcheck! (forgive me if there are typos in this response).

        -Get a pro to do your site if you can. We constantly harangue people about not hiring us to create pro images for them, but think we can do anything even become marketing and web specialists. Trade some photo time for their design work if that is doable. If you have web pro create your site, make sure you have the ability to update images and test without their assistance.

        -Don't think you have to have everything right out of the gate, such as on-line print ordering. You may decide you don't want to do this or use one of the available services instead of investing your time and money to get it to work.

        The key is to plan it well and keep it alive. Good luck and let me know when you have something for review!

        Sorry for the long post from a lurker.

        Peggy V

        Mucatine, IA


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          Ditto for me


          Do you mind sharing the answers to Llew's questions. I have added Norton System recently, and it really seems to bog some things up.



          My home in Cincinnati


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            Safe computing not safe <IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALT="">

            Right click on Recycle bin and choose properties. Click Use standard recycle bin. Then click on the Norton tab and disable protection and click on empty protected files. Empty all the files you can.

            You are there.

            Gary Box


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              Re: What Web Design Software?

              You do not have to use the components that require FrontPage extensions.



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                Re: What Web Design Software?

                Front page 98 was not fun...lot's of strange code. FP2000 and later are a lot better. Also very easy to use, you have 3 tabs and change betwen editor/HTML/view modes very easy. Somethings are better done in editor mode others faster to do in html mode. It is also easy to make changes on your whole site such as "search and replace" on every document (copyright 2001 -> copyright 2002) and check it for dead links.

                ANd you can turn off the use of frontpage extensions if you like to.

                But this is all on PC the MAC ver, I have used has not been as good and up to date as the PC ver.


                no I could not do better than this....


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                  Re: Sunday morning ramble...

                  Gordon, You have no idea what a "jerk" this other photographer has been. He simply does not want competition. When I contacted our local little league to see if I could make a presentation, the president of the little league board said, no, "X" has it and he does them each year, no signed contracts or the like, but he just automatically does them each year. To which I replied, wouldn't it be fair for each photographer interested in taking these pictures to be allowed a 5 or 10 minute presentation of their services, photo samples, prices, etc., then the board take a vote on it? The president wouldn't budge on this at all. Half an hour later, my competitor marches into my studio screaming at me, telling me how dare you even think you can try to take away my little league from me. IN my face, screaming at me, in MY studio, uninvited, telling me I'm not allowed to try to get business in HIS town. This is ONLY the beginning of things that he has done, and despite it, I have waved at him when I see him out on the street. Very few times has he waved back and when he did, I don't think he realized it was me. The other photographer that was on my block went out of business this year and when he opened his studio, I went around and introduced myself and told him if he ever needed anything feel free to give me a call. He did in fact call several times asking for film and I had no problems with him at all. We talked on occasion as friends. Its all in the attitude of your competition. They can be your friend or your enemy, their choice. As to your other thought, yeah, I think I learn enough from SPI that I wouldn't want the other guy on the same block to see and hear what I get out of SPI. If they wanted to, they could go to PPA's Senior convention, but the other guy on the block doesn't even belong to PPA, so obviously its not that important to him to be a part of a group of sharing professionals. And, as far as the Mustang giveaway goes, the kids get pretty excited about it and I think that would diminish greatly if all the studios were offering it. Gordon, hope to run in to you at SPI, my sister who works with me will be there and also my newest high school senior employee who is terribly excited about learning more there. Later. Adam


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                    Re: Sunday morning ramble...

                    Gordon, Sorry, forgot that you asked about a website. I'm working on it, as a matter of fact, I just bought Frontpage 2002 yesterday. I asked around for a while to see what program most photographers were using and that seemed to be the most popular, at least for a person thats not already familiar with building websites. I'll let everyone know when I have it up and running to ask for critiquing. Take care. Adam


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                      Re: Zip code lock


                      Have always been curious why someone that may be blocked couldn't put on a program for SPI???? Why is that?



                      PS 161 days and counting............MAIPP 8-)


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                        On Mac.....

                        Adobe's GoLive is also a good option. Stay away from the older Pagemill, though. GoLive was good enough for Adobe to buy out, and replace their Pagemill application, with. (grin)

                        Also BB Edit is a top rated Mac tool.

                        L'allure Photographic


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                          Re: What Web Design Software? <img src= border='0'>


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                            Re: Zip code lock

                            I could't decide whether I should reply to this post or not. The post itself, is perceptive and complete as it stands. Let me at least thank you for providing such an inciteful discussion in response to a slightly mischievious question about zip code locking.

                            I could add one thought. Your observation was that the zip lock had unintended consequences for SPI members internally (i.e. inbreeding because it excludes new blood...and barnacle laden because the takers displace the givers).

                            Since I am not a member of SPI, I think I see an unintended consequence for SPI members externally. The zip code lock produces an US/THEM situation that may cause bad feelings in the photographic community at large. Of course, I am only guessing that is unintended.

                            Best wishes for the Holidays!


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                              In reply to Richard Yim (his post way down) <img src= border='0'


                              I appreciate your comments and hope you will find a place in your professional career for membership in professional organizations, whether it is on a local, regional or national level. And whether it is PPA or WPPI, or some other association, I know you will enjoy the opportunity to associate with other photographers.

                              Your post:

                              also asked about the attached image, and whether it was a competition image.

                              First, let me say that I believe it as above average for what some professional phtographers are producing on an everyday session, and probably lower than some, but in my opinion above average. With that said, if it were in a competition (which has absolutely nothing to do with whether it is a saleable print or not, nor whether the customer liked it or not) , I would say as it is shown it would fall in the mid to high 70 range. If I were giving a score I would say 76.. which is not a bad score, but remember .....

                              competition is not JUST about a score. In my opinion it is about moving our images to a higher crative plain.

                              So, let me ask you (or anyone else), what does the print have going for it?

                              As far as I can see on my monitor, it has good exposure, and a good quality of lighting.. nothing extremely dramatic, but very well done.

                              Richard, take a look at the print again, and turn it upside down (JUST KIDDING!!)

                              look and tell yourself everything you notice.

                              Here is what I notice:

                              Face, and my eye travels down to his hand, and on down to his sleeve (arm) and down and out of the photograph. I see a eyeglasses, a ring, a breacelet.

                              Now then, could this be transformed into a merit print. I am not sure, but have my doubts, no offense intended... it is still a very nice saleable image.

                              Can any changes be made to help it? Notice I did not say could a lab take this or could an expert printer give you a merit print for ANY amount of money. Still not sure, but I have taken the liberty to make a few changes to show you what would make it more dramatic.. and a bit more creative.

                              I did not make the original image, you did, but hopefully we can learn a little of what makes a more artistic print... and learning is what competition is all about.

                              Let's remove as many distractions as possible and then allow me to share with you my thoughts about the changes on the image that YOU created. If by learning how to make it more dramatic, then wouldn't it follow that a customer would be willing to pay more IF you are preceived as more artistic in your approach to photography? And IF any of us learn anything at all, wouldn't it be interesting that the next time you created an image that we took what we learned and applied it to a session, and as time went by that we no longer looked at our craft in the same way.

                              The image is below, and I have cropped it tighter, and did not think of it as a 16x20 , but as a "thinner" image. Understand that I did not take a great amount of time with the changes, so if they look a bit crude, you will know why.

                              I darkened many areas to allow my eye to remain in the area of the face, and tipped it slightly. Notice how much darker the shirt is, especially on the shoulder and arm. Finally I flipped it. That is because we normally look from left to right. (After flipping) I look from the left, and my eye goes to the face and then has nowhere else to go. My eye goes back to the left and then back right.. in other words I look back and forth, and when my eye travels as to the right it goes back and "sorta" wants to start over again.. My eye wants to look to the left, because he is looking left. The other way, my eye enters the left, and continues down and out of the frame.

                              Anyway, the image original concept was yours, and all anyone can do is to assist you in making it more dramatic. A few years ago this might have been given a higher score, but ... competition forces us to be more creative.

                              "buying a merit"

                              Let's see.. if you entered the prins as originally shot, and it scored 74, and you asked to have it critiqued, would you learn anything? If you asked me, and then made the changes, and it did not get a merit, but you had more comments from others that made it even more dramatic, would you learn anything?

                              If you learned how to make it, ane other sessions take on a more dramatic appearance, and your work did look more artistic, would that be worth anything? In dollars, that is?

                              IF you entered and the print received a merit, and you hung the print in your studio and customers liked the more artistic look, would you feel better? And if so, could you feel confident to raise your prices? Or at least would you believe you had accomplished something?

                              If so, you paid for a little education, a little customer "appreciation", and you received a merit.

                              How much did the merit cost? I mean aftere you subtract the value of everything else mentioned?

                              You bought a merit, only I suppose.

                              Good luck , and thanks again for your comments.