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Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

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  • Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

    My preference is the compact flash card. I dont think the IBM would go through the wash and "keep on tickin." My CF did. Not gonna make a habit of it though.


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    Re: Zip code lock

    I'm glad you are on the inside too. It makes it possible for you to join with like minded influential photographers to actively speak out against the policy of exclusion (if you are so inclined, of course). Like many activities that are "strictly legal" this policy wouldn't meet any ethical standard consistant with the golden rule.

    Well, I'm ready for the Holidays and I'll bet you are too! Have a good one Kirk, and if you find the time post a few pics from your trip to the Islands.


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      Ron. . .

      . . .I did that. I gave them the photos that needed to be done. The problem, I needed them by Christmas, and DID NOT GET THEM.

      I plan on staying with Millers. Like a lot say, they are a good company. My problems with them are currently the fact that they did not get my prints to me on time.

      Just venting in the no-vent zone...



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        Re: Opinions please: Which Is Best?

        Hey Ted,

        Have you ever tried to find out how big you can really go with your 760? Just for kicks you should upsize a file to 30x40 @ 300 dpi and then crop out an 8x10 section of the most detailed area and print it.



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          Re: Opinions please: Which Is Best?

          I beg to differ on the information about the Megavision S3.

          First, Megavision makes an S3 and an S3Pro. The S3 is ISO 50 but the S3Pro is ISO 100, 200, & 400 (adjustable). The S3Pro was $16,000 when I bought mine back in March and I understand that there was another price cut since then. I heard numbers at ine time in the 13K range. The S3 (not Pro) is even less.

          Second, The S3 & S3Pro both work tethered or with the Megavision Batpac. The Batpac is about the size of a Metz batery pack and records images onto a microdrive as you shoot. I use mine on location with the Batpac often. There is also a firewire option so you can shoot directly into a laptop.

          When shopping for my system, I compared the Phaseone and the Kodak back. The Phaseone uses a softening filter over their chip to reduce artifacts, Megavision uses software that can be turned off or on. With the Phaseone it is impossible to shoot a critically sharp image.

          The Kodak was a close second to Megavision bot with all the problems at Kodak, I had serious concerns about support, plus the price was much higher.

          Another concern about the Kodak Back was the lag time between exposures. The information I was able to gather back in Feb. was that it did not use a buffer and therefore there was a wait of about 5 seconds between exposures. Not acceptable the way I shoot. Megavision uses a buffer in the Batpac that holds up to 7 exposures so you can instantly take another exposure. When shooting tethered, the lag time is about a second and a half.

          All three produce files that make comparable 30x40's (IMHO). Like I said in my other post, the 30x40's I have sold have looked better than 30x40's from film.

          So, here is my ranking:

          #1 Megavision S3Pro

          #2 Kodak Back

          #3 Phaseone

          Lets all realize that there is no perfect camera (or back) for everyone. That's why we have choices. What's best for me may not be best for you. Look at how you shoot, get your hands on the back and try it out, then make your decision.

          I know in some cases, Megavision will arrange to bring a back to your studio for a demo on your camera under your shooting conditions. Call Tim Palmer (Megavision Tech Rep) at 770-385-8300 and tell him Joel Moore sent you. He can give you all the Megavision info and tell you if it is possible to set up a demo.


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            Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

            We photographed a high school senior who wants to use two of her black & white photos from her senior session for mass reproduction of 5x7's or 8x10's to promote her singing career. What would you charge her for a release on the two images to have them copied and reproduced? Her entire senior order was about $700.

            Anyone's suggestions would be appreciated now as I am supposed to call her father back tomorrow with a reply to their request...Thanks, Ken


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              Re: Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints


              Don't give her a copyright release.

              Why don't you sell them to her a volume prices?

              Tell them you have a printer that does high volume printing.

              How many does she want?

              You can print B&W 8X10's at Millers for:

              82 cents for 501

              92 cents for 101

              1 dollar for 51

              You could sell 8X10's for $10 or even $6 if they buy enough.

              If they buy 100- 8X10's at $10 you would have over $900.00 profit.


              If they buy 100- 8X10's at $6 you would have over $500.00 profit.


              whatever you wanted to sell them. Profit is better in your pocket than the print shop nextdoor.

              You could even add her name or any information in photoshop.

              I would not let a print house make the money on your work.

              Tell them you won't release your work to any company that is not quality.

              If she wants really cheap can print it on a laser printer.

              I print my own brochures on my laser printer... it does a nice job.

              Looks just like a photo..except on paper.



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                Not a bad senior order.....Do they have...

                other kids? Did they like the work? I guess since they are using the images. Do you have a place in your town that will reproduce hi volume images for actors/singers? Why don't you offer to take care of it and make a little on the side. I can give you a phone number of a place in Austin or Houston that does this at a great rate. 100 8x10s for $110 - $130 .... Cheap....You can put their bio and all the credentials on the image.


                Charge them $150 and go out to eat someplace nice. Tough choice, do you tic off your client or help them create a STAR???????????

                Good Luck, at least they called...... that's a start.



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                  Do not sell the copyright.....

                  .....license the usage instead. Grant a license for reproduction of a specific image for specific usage.....either 5x7's or 8x10's....or both. Grant the usage for a one year period, only. Charge accordingly.

                  Don't sell yourself short.....this is a small expense for an entertainer to absorb.


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                    Re: There is an in-depth thread of discussion on..

                    fees for usage of head shots for actors and other performers in the February and March 2002 archives at the Photo News Network site.

                    Rick's suggestion regarding selling of copyright (or not) is the best advice in this thread here. I recommend you read thru the postings at PNN.



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                      Re: Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

                      Why not offer to do it for her??? Go to:


                      They do a great job and only charge something like $108 for 1000 8x10's!! I'm sure you could double or tripple that and still keep her happy.



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                        OPPS!! That was supposed to be posted by me!!

                        I had changed my name to help someone and forgot to change it back??



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                          Ditto Kim;s post. . .


                          I've used ABC from time to time for at least 15 years. They do a very good job, prices are reasonable (see Kim's post), they can include name and any other info that is appropriate, and their turnaround time is excellent.

                          I have always charged the client for on 8x10 b&w glossy print and then doubled ABC's cost.

                          These are BTW lithographed prints, but for the intended purpose, they excellent.



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                            Re: Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

                            Hey Ken, what did you decide to do? What was the final outcome?

                            We all face these same situations and I can agree with every comment in this thread. Please continue to share your experience here.


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                              Re: Senior wants to reproduce B&W prints

                              I decided to give the senior's Dad quantity prices on B&W 5x7's and 8x10's from the lab and lithographed prints from Since the senior had ordered B&W 5x7's as part of her senior order, the family could have kept quite and tried to reproduced the prints without saying anything to me. But since they did the right thing and told me what they needed, I offered them the black and white prints at a very good price, about three times markup.

                              I really appreciate everyone's suggestions.