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    I have been using Miller's all year and just recently caught the cropping problem. When I called, after I rechecked to see if I screwed up, they immediatly said there was a software problem that just happened that caused the crop coordiates to go wrong.

    They simply had me send back the order with the original zip or cd and corrected it. They have been very good about it.

    On the other side, I can tell that they are sick about what happened. They do have a reputation to live up to and things like this make them feel as Michael does. But they have been great about handling the problem.

    As for ProShots 4.2.2, it is awesome and has preformed flawlessly for me except for this recent glitch. This one program does what all the multiple programs i see everyone else using to get the job done.

    Sorry, Michael for your problems, but Miller's have been great for us.

    holiday blessings to all.


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    Your site Don

    I took the opportunity to view your site and you do some nice work! Your website has a nice flow to it also.

    I've heard of Bryce before, but Painter is new to me. Do they have a website where they tout their product?


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      Frames $

      Can anyone help with the pricing ( mark-up ) of frames. What is a good starting point? We get most of our frames from Excel Frames.(16x20 and larger) I would think the mark-up should include: price of frame, Shipping and handling, time involved to mount print in frame. Thanks, Shan


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        Re: Frames $

        What I did was this:

        I took my most expensive frame line which is HUSAR. And I added up the cost (they have a very high shipping rate due to the fact that every frame is shipped in a wood CRATE). Then I doubled there price and then added a little to make the number sould good (I.E. $124 + $124 = $249 so I make the price $259.00

        Then I looked at the rest of my frames and compared how they LOOKED compared to the $259 frame. IF they look as good, I would price it at $229. IF it looked cheaper, I price it at $199. And so on.

        The bottome line is some of my Excel frames that cost me $29 I sell for $199 because they LOOK GOOD!! But then again some of the $59 frames only sell for $119 because they look cheap.



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          Re: Frames $

          Frame mark up should be a minimum of 3x. Depending on the frame, I will occasionally go as high as 4x.

          I don't keep a large inventory of frames on hand. Just a few styles that will go well in a variety of homes.

          I will usually try to sell a frame at the same time as the portrait (and give a 10 percent discount for doing so) but some people either can't visualize from looking at frame corners or else they have already spent more than they planned on and don't want to add anything else on. If no frame is ordered, I will be sure to have their portrait framed and on the wall when they come to pick it up and and can usually sell them a frame at that time.

          O.K., I know that is way more information than you asked for. Sorry but get me started talkin' and I'll tell ya everything I know!



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            The accountant comes out again!!!!! Shan, one way

            to arrive at a price is just what you did. The simpler way is to have a markup on the frames. That is direct costs * a factor. Add the cost and shipping then mark it up about 2 1/2 to 3 times. Shop some custom framers in your area and see what you would pay for a comperable frame from them. If you have one for a friend, (I buy my Larson-Juhl from a custom framer) they will usually give you a deal and tell you the straight skinny on how much to markup. Theirs will be higher.

            Please do not follow Kirk's lead. I'm sooooooo glad I'm not his CPA. Looks do not count, Mr. V. It's the cost to revenue ratio that determines if you will make money (profit). Boy, this would be a great chat discussion.......Pricing for Profit 2002!


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              Re: The accountant comes out again!!!!! Shan, one

              I beg to differ with you!!

              IF I were to you your method, all frames would be marked up a certain percentage. BUT instead, the MOST POPULAR frames I sell and the ones that look the best, are the ones that I make the most money on.

              So critize if you will, but $$$ MONEY talks.



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                Ok, let's compromise on this. I accept what you

                are saying about the best seller and marking it up more. But, for a beginning point at where to set price, you need to be sure you're costs, including Overhead are covered. After you're sure you will profit, then you can go markup the prettiest, or best selling or even the one you want to sell the most of to ensure profit.

                Let me recommend a book to help with the subject. It's "Full Price" by Thom Winninger. In it he discusses Vertical Integration. It's a merchandising tool to help you sell what you want. For an example, go to Starbucks and look at the sizes and prices for a cup of coffee. But, read the book first so you know what you're looking at and for.

                By the way, I do the same thing with 8x10, 5x7 and 4x5. They are all the same price and are marked up way beyond my original profit point. That's because I sell more of them than anything else. But, I understood Shan's question to be: "Where do I start?" That's what I was addressing.

                And one more thing, Vertical Integration will help you price any SET of packages. It helps you make more money than just your target profit. You know like, sell the most of the one that costs you the least -- for the most money possible.

                Ok, so we were both right.


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                  Used to price frames this way........

                  ......if a ready-made frame, apply keystone markup to cost plus freight. Add fit charge (back-out), and any special matting treatments, glass,etc. Used standard custom framing industry charge structure for those charges.

                  For custom framing.....from chop molding.....2.5 markup factor on cost+freight. Again add the fit and any matting, glass, filet, etc. add-ons, if applicable. If from stick molding, 3.5 markup on the frame.


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                    Re: Frames $

                    Hey Kirk??

                    What are Husar frames and who sells them?


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                      Re: Frames $

                      VERY HIGH END FRAMES. MY cost for a 16x20 is about $400!!