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question about the "PJ" style

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  • question about the "PJ" style

    Gosh, I correct jpegs for color balance all the time with no problem. I need to do this when printing to our Fuji Pictrography.

    Most of our stuff goes to Millers Professional who print digital just like film, ie. they print to a lab standard regardless if the white balance or exposure is a little off. In fact they request that we NOT correct color shifts. (I usually do though.)

    Up until last year most labs didn't take control. But they have corrected negatives for decades, to the point that photographers don't even think about color balance any more and rarely consider exact exposure really important. It's working out to be the same with digital, and it will be a lot easier on the labs, so long as we don't overexpose. So why get all picky about something that the labs are going to change anyway? They desire to deliver the best product they can, and they're not going to say "too bad" just because I grabbed a shot with the wrong white balance, when all they have to do is dial in the correction and everybody's happy!

    Michael T.

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    Re: Kirk, dude can you burn me a copy of that CD

    Can't do it!! Sorry, they have me beta testing it and there are all kinds of security traps. FUJI had to install in on my machine!! If something goes down, I don't even know how to get it back up again.



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      Re: The "HOLY GRAIL" of Digile WORK FLOW Software.

      I'll pass that on. I do know that with this Software, when you place 1 8x10 on a page in an album, you get a 8x10 back from the lab.

      But it get's better!!! When you place 2 5x7's on a page, you get 1 10x10 back from the lab!! With the 5x7's centered in just the right spot so all you do is put in the 10x10 and the 2 5x7's fit perfectly in the mat.

      Then when you order 4 - 5x5, you guessed it, 1 10x10 comes back all centered just the way you like it and it fits the matt!!!!

      WAY LESS work when assembling an album.



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        Re: Portraits with a 760.....not happy...

        Thanks Gary. That clears it up for me.



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          Re: The "HOLY GRAIL" of Digile WORK FLOW Software.


          With proshots if you do not set up an album company you can just drop the pictures on the page. It is a carry over from the erlier versions. You will have to go back and right click, select what size you would like the image. Using this method you can design a album very quickly.



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            question about the "PJ" style

            I am ever so curious?

            Since this is the newest thing since "candids".

   the photographers who shoot this photograph ANYTHING traditional? Such as formal family groups?

            Perhaps the only time when a family is together and dressed... or is it just an album full of "catch-as-catch-can" images.

            I forgot which photographer said it, but some of the stuff looks like "mistakes".. such as out of focus, underexposed, and poorly lit images.

            And when willl the "bride-looking-out-the car-window"... from the back seat become trite? I seem to see that in every article, so what is new?


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              That's called youth..........

              ......who think they are doing something different.

              Deal is........they appeal to young people, who also want "something different", so the fact it ain't really different.....doesn't seem to matter much. It sells. (It's all in their heads, you know.)

              You and I were no different at that age, I suspect. Now, we are older and more experienced, and we know how silly that all gets. (grin)


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                Re: question about the "PJ" style


                I see a lot of what is considered "photojournalistic style" wedding work come thru my B&W lab. In 80% of the cases, much of it is what I would consider sloppy and caught on the fly, so to speak.

                However, unposed wedding photography does not necessarily make it either photojournalistic or appealing. There are a rare few photographers that actually capture those special moments in a sensitive and dramatic way without resorting to staging the images. I have one photographer client in particular who came from a strong editorial & commercial background who also shoots b&w "pj" style weddings. He does not use chromogenic films or machine lab processing...has beautifull true custom b&w prints made and assembles the books in a story-telling fashion. There is nothing sloppy about his work and the quality of the b&w prints give the images a timeless quality that is more difficult to "date" than most of the color wedding work I see.

                What you describe as "out of focus, underexposed and poorly lit..." I would not only apply to PJ style wedding work. It also seems to be the rage among the new young editorial art directors at magazines around the least that would seem to be the case if the recently featured photography in trade mags like PDN are any indication.

                Just in all other fields and niches of our industry...there are the Natchwey's and Salgado's of the photojournalism world...and there are the guys that string for your local community newspaper.


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                  Hey Tony...Hear a joke today, thought of you...

                  It's TOURIST season!! Why can't we SHOOT THEM.



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                    about that PJ style...

                    While I will agree that alot of the "PJ" photography that is out there IS sloppy and all the amatuers that have a 35mm camera think that they can load some b/w film and do weddings, not ALL of the PJ photography is that way.

                    We do 40+ weddings per year and yes, do both PJ and traditional photography. Only we call it "documentary style b/w", because alot of it is semi-posed.

                    Everybody does not have the knack for this type of photography. It's like anything else, some are better at it than others. And because my competition reads these posts, I won't go into great detail. It may be a fad, but we're loving it while it lasts...and so are our clients!



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             retort is....

                      ....anybody with any experience does have the ability to do "that kind of photography".

                      It's really just a lot of "hulaboo" about nothing......from my point of view.


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                        Agree with that. (NM) <img src= border='0'>


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                          Re: question about the "PJ" style


                          You wrote: question about the "PJ" style

                          Since this is the newest thing since "candids".

                 the photographers who shoot this photograph ANYTHING traditional?

                          Such as formal family groups?

                          Yes they do Ben.

                          I went to see Denis Reggie long ago...I think I remember him saying he shoots only 5% posed shots for an entire wedding.

                          You are thinking 5%....that is not very much.

                          He is shooting almost all PJ style.

                          Well...think about it.

                          If he is shooting 1,500 images for a wedding and 5% are posed

                          He could have as many as 75 posed photographs.



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                            Well Eddie,

                            I must say that your wedding images are much more appealing, to me, than most I have seen, and especially the documentary style.

                            Ahhhhh, but you are in Ten, and that counts for a lot...

                            I suppose you still do some of the "formal" family groups, with all the family.. ya know.. sorta like a studio portrait, with the family posed?


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                              Re: If it weren't for all of that cash...

                              ...they leave behind, we have no other choice. Thanks for making your recent contribution...