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    On the back of the camera, press Menu, then go down to Processing. At the bottom go to Change Settings. Then select what you want stored on your card. When I shoot JPGs, (at weddings) I don't store the dcr files, seems redundant, just gotta remember to shoot on target and know you can't "fix" things in Photo Desk.

    I have noticed that you'll go through batteries faster since after you create an image, it first saves it as .dcr, then after a minute or so will process the .dcr to a .jpg and delete the .dcr. All this extra processing takes more battery power. I'm buying my 3rd battery at SPI this week (wow, it's THIS WEEK already).


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    Re: Great way to do black and whites...IMHO...

    I haven't printed that many on my 890 but the ones I have done look pretty good. I select the 'black' radio button in the driver in the "ink" radio group.



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      Re: Great way to do black and whites...IMHO...

      Buy a second printer and put quad black inks in it.

      You may think I am kidding, but I am not. You will not get drop dead B&W from color inks. Buy another printer, they are not that much money and have one for color and one for B&W. I recommend the Pieziography Quad black inks or the Lysonic Quad Black inks.

      Gary Box


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        The Web Cam

        I'm not trying to create more work for you - this is just a question. How do I know when you will be in the studio working. I've had access for just a week and have only lucked out once so far. Also do you ever post any of the photographs from a session that was viewed on the web cam? thanks


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          Re: The Web Cam

          This is the time of the year when I am the MOST busy. HOWEVER, for the last 2 days, including today, I AM NOT.

          I usually do senior sessions at 9:00, 12:00, and 3:00. NOW remember, when I'm outside, you cannot see what I'm doing.

          MAYBE by next year I will have that little problem solved!!!

          The only time I post images is when someone asks to see something that they saw me shoot.

          IF I can, I will post it.

          So look for me, and remember all those times are CENTRAL TIME.



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            Vicki, it's a dream job! 10-2 with a 2 hr. Lunch! <img src= borde


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              Jelousy is an UGLY quality!!! <img src= border='0'>


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                Hey, we all have to aspire to something.....

                and after seeing your pricelist, I am sure I want to come see you. I don't understand how you run so many kids through the studio when you are doing 2 and 3 hour sessions. Also, does the 2 to 3 hours include the sales session or just camera room time? You are obviously doing something right!

                Anyway, I have to work out some dates. I just got the numbers for February and they are better than ever and lots more than I expected. I'm pumped! Going shopping for a graphics person at the Art Institute today so I can set up initial interviews and narrow it down to two or three and then give them the test. I plan on devising a timed test for these guys to retouch eyes and zits and braces. After last year, I want someone with good skills in PS but a sense of production at the same time. Rare find!

                We'll be at the PS convention in Sept. I'm pumped about that too!!!!

                Ok, got to get going here....long day! By the way, I think you are one of the hardest working guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet!

                Later, Dude!


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                  Re: Hey, we all have to aspire to something.....

                  I don't do THAT MANY seniors???? 9-11 is throwing me off this year. I'll probably only end up with 150?? But I usually do 200. That's it.

                  3 a day 9,12, and 3 PM. Oct. through May. Do the math it's easy .



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                    Re: The Web Cam


                    Waiting to see the action - in The cajun's camera room is worth it.

                    I have a lap Top on my desk just to the side of my Production room computer

                    so while I am working on PhotoShop imaging, my lap Top keeps an eye on Kirk's camera room.

                    If you do not have a spare computer,

                    maybe you can just open a browser window and reduce it to a small window and leave it open.

                    if you can do neither, then just catch when you can.

                    We all can learn from watching others at work,

                    I am in the midst of installing a webcam in my studio as well.

                    Students from the local community college where I teach part time

                    whave asked if they could sit in on a session,

                    that would be too intimidating to the client's

                    So I decided to implement this idea in our camera room,

                    it will be comming on-line within a week or so.

                    I am considering ideas on how to publish camera room times direct from our studio calendar to the website and waiting for a long USB cable to show up from a vender. Soon we will be Live

                    Look for it soon at


                    If you wish to get an informed when it goes live, just send me your Email address.

                    When I want to monitor a website for changes and updates I use a tool from , SpyOnIt can even tells me when some one has added a link from their site to mine

                    Steven Lott


                    Pro Business &amp; production ideas for Photographers