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? when using bevel mount board

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  • ? when using bevel mount board

    What are the margins of the bevel mount when you go to have it printed? Should I crop it to something other than 5x5 to account for the bevel mount? If you are say wanting to mount a 5x5 print on bevel mount board, won't you have to trim some of the print off because the actual area that you mount it on isn't 5x5 but under that? If so, won't you be losing some of the edges of the print to trimming for mounting and if so, how much on the edge do you lose?

    Should I put a plain border around the area that is going to be trimmed off for when the lab prints the actual 5x5 print? I'm trying to figure out how to get this cropped and printed so as not to cut off any important parts of the print and this is my first time doing this?
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    Leslie, I don't know how or where you are having these printed, but at Burrell we lose 1/8 inch all the way around the outside of the print. So, we just make sure we have that much room available.


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      Yep, they bevel into the image. It will affect how some prints fit, or don't fit, a frame. I finally quit ordering them for that reason.
      No, really, I'm fine. I always look like this.


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        I think I should be okay then on these if it's just 1/8.
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