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    > With the new upload option, they are accepting jpeg files in addition to tiff files. I just ordered an 11x14 and uploaded a 2 meg jpeg (8x10). I'll let you know how it looks.

    I tried Millers Website Upload feature (NOT FTP but works the same...) a few days ago, and just got the prints back.. Works like charm... Love the program, love Millers' efforts to accomodate Digital Photographers...

    First, I got confused because the program did not give me file upload button.

    After some wait on second or third tries, I got the notice from the program to download a script program and install it on my system. When I followed that instruction correctly, the upload button appeared, and I got the assurance that my files were well accepted by the system. It appears to me that I don't have to rename my file to some numbers....

    The program can receive my files the way I named them in JPEG...

    Glad to share my happy experience with Millers...


    P.S. I also love the fact that I don't have to resize my file but crop the original file with resolution blank. I would like to take this occasion to thank Gary Box for sharing that tip some months ago...

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    Re: the 16x20 was only an 8 meg file?

    I must say I am very happy as a Millers customer. I know labs can get a bad rap from time to time but I think they are doing an excellent job. this internet thing put them over the top for me. thanks, jeff.


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      Re: Everything old is new again...

      I know one woman who is including custom postcards (from with her packages. The bride sends them out as thank-you photos.

      Offering the option of a montage like yours, instead of a single image, might appeal to brides.


      Stanee Rae of Lincroft


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        Re: Everything old is new again...

        Hi Stanee,

        The brides seemed to like them. I used to include one with our packages. You probably won't be suprised to hear that they would usually have it copied at one of the local printers rather than order them from me. That didn't bother me much at the time because I couldn't offer any sort of reasonable quantity price and the printers could (from the scanned print).

        Your friend probably has the best idea. That is, to price her packages to include the numbers of cards that she wants to provide.

        The montages were easy to do, and I enjoyed doing them. The time consuming part was scanning in the images from paper proofs. If you work with a digital camera now you can avoid that tedium. Once the digital files were on the computer, I could blend perhaps 8 different images into a montage in about 15 minutes. When I had the time I would usually try a few variations on the same theme and it wasn't unusual for an hour to slip by. I wish I could do my ad copy as quickly.


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          Re: Hey Darren

          Thanks for putting us on to Phillip's website! Now THAT is what I call wedding photography!

          About your question...if a bride asked me to do a cheesy shot at a wedding, I would probably accomodate her and take the shot, because after all, you do what your boss tells you to do, and since she is paying the bill. But our brides know our style (that's why they hired us) and probably wouldn't want anything too cheesy. (Now that I have said that, I'll probably have 10 brides requesting real cheesy shots.)

          As far as the romantic shots...we spend one solid hour with ONLY the bride and groom, doing nothing but romantic shots- and they love it! We've sold 30 x 40's of some of the images we've taken during this hour.

          What area are you in?

          Do you design the bride's album or does she? If you do, just go ahead and put a few in there and see what reaction you get. You might be surprised.

          Thanks again for pointing me towards the website from Arizona. It was great!


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            Well Eddie,

            I am in far west Texas.

            And most of the people on the forum are weary of my sad tales about the wedding market, im my area, so I will respectfully not get into it again, but would be happy to visit with you via email. that way no one will have to roll their eyes . hehehe.

            I will say that I have had requests for the (as you call them) cheesy shots from the finest weddings in my area. If it were some young bride at a country church with a whooping and hollering reception that would be different..

            By the way, do you have any images you can share?

            And the website is one that I enjoyed, and a style that I have tried to emulate.. even before I saw it.

            Oh, heck, I might as well say that I tried the "expert photographer designs the wedding album" method, and wanted it to work so badly, I tried it for over 7 months, and booked no weddings at all within that period.

            I now have what I think is a unique system.. I have no price list at all, and it is working very well. Our weddings have picked back up.. but the brides and grooms do get to select what goes in the album.

            And do I care who selects them? Nope. In fact I do have an occasional couple that never place any order (of course no other photographers have that happen )

            And do I care? Again, nope. I already have all my money, and my contract states that after 3 months, what they have is all they get, if nothing is ordered within that time... but is is worded much nicer than that.

            I save on all the reprints and the album. which can amount to a couple of hundred dollars.


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              Additional thoughts


              I of course was taking others comments into consideration when indicating whether something is outdated or not..... personally it is not a big issue for me, what I've learned about dealing with customers is give em what they want and they'll give you referrals and come back for more.

              I'm still trying to define the areas of the business that I want to focus on, but lean towards old tyme, old fashioned, sepia, b&w, hand colored photos and then go to the other end and rejoice in the work of michael campbell and similar which have heavily manipulated (if these are the right terms) backgronds and subjects.

              See Michael's site here;


              Phillip has a very definitive style to his work and I enjoyed the childrens gallery the most, but all his work is nice. One of the nicest galleries I visited online. Thanks for sharing that.

              One of the hardest things I'm having to learn about this profession is why so many people insist on what is right or wrong. Now I'm not looking for a fight, just expressing my dismay for the strong lines drawn by some of the artist in this profession, NOT NECESSARILY PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM. I appreciate viewpoints that help me grow, but will I adhere to them all, no, here is where I will define my style.

              I try to steal thoughts, poses, techniques,concepts from everyone that I can to give me the best possible arsenal of skills to offer my clients.

              Was this a tirade? I hope not. Just had rotator cuff surgery yesterday and the meds may be getting the best of me. Thanks for the correspondence, the website and the sharing of images.


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                Re: Additional thoughts


                Any artist worth anything will have a passion for his/her work. I wouldn't want it any other way--the best work shows this passion. Sometimes an artist may go overboard a little in defense of his/her style, and become arrogant or pedantic.

                A photographer needs a thick skin to handle all the rejection he/she will receive from all the ignorant *******s out there. Just take that into consideration when discussing tools or techniques with other photographers.

                I happen to think that if you ALWAYS do whatever a client wants, especially the "cheesy" images, you will have the reputation which goes with that. If you want to be sought after because of your unique style, first of all you must have one, then be passionate about it, and finally be willing to say no. (I almost never say no, I just make suggestions on how we might improve upon what has been requested).

                If your ship always goes whichever way the wind blows, you will never reach a destination of your choosing.

                Good Luck,



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                  Re: Montages

                  About 75% of my wedding work is now digital. Because of the increased number of photographs I now take at weddings, I needed a way to sell more of them.

                  I do the design of my clients albums, and when they see the mockup, there will be 4-10 pages of montages (ceremony, toast, cake and details, first dance, more dancing---all of which depict a sequence of action). I do charge extra for these, but they are used mainly as an incentive to take my inital design. It was one factor in a 92% success rate at selling my initial design.

                  There are a couple examples of montages at the site below.




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                    Re: Additional thoughts

                    I like your perspective Ray, and I guess until I develop my own style, if ever, I will be that wayward ship. I would hope that customers would recognize me for the best work that I create, rather than not. I however, can not speak from experince about this.

                    I hope to aspire to a unique and sought after style, but only time will tell. Yes, I have come to the conclusion, and have been told more than once, that thick skin is called for in this profession.



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                      I use the D30. <img src= border='0'>


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                        Still wondering if you have any images you care to post?

                        I would certainly be interested in seeing your style.


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                          Re: Canon D60 to be announced at PMA?


                          Your wish list is my wish list. The only thing I would add is that I want to stick with the CMOS chip. I'll certainly give the D60 a look if it turns out to be a real camera with the features claimed.



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                            Re: Thanks for Sharing


                            I actually do several variations of that particular theme. One of my winter projects is to redesign my website to include all the new things I'm doing with the digital camera. There--now I said that in public, so now I have to do it!



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                              NEW RUMOR ABOUT D60!!!!!

                              Hey Richard!

                              I checked out the site and this was last minute post!


                              Canon EOS D60 [01/11/2002]

                              Here it is more "information" about the future Canon EOS D60 :

                              - 6 Mpixels and CMOS Sensor,

                              - Multiplicator Coefficient : x1.2,

                              - AF System inherited of the EOS-3,

                              - BP-511 Battery (same than the D30),

                              - ISO range : 100 - 1600,

                              - Rotating function to switch between portrait / landscape mode,

                              - Launch Price : 3500 - 4000 US$ / 3900 - 5000 euros

                              Of course these "informations" are not confirmed, we must wait for the official announcement

                              ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

                              Just thought I'd post it! It looks like a great new camera!

                              Friends don't let Friends shoot film!