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Best light for frames and mats

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  • Best light for frames and mats

    I have redone my selling room and I replced the overhead light with halogen spot lights that shine on the portraits on the wall. The spot lights are not very powerfull but the accend the portraits on the wall great. During the viewing sessions I don't have a problem since I project and the room is dark. But when I try to sell frames and mats I have a problem because I don't have enough light.

    I know I have to add more light but I'm at a loss on what type. I would like to hear some suggestions on what kind of light would be best to view final prints, mats and frames?


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    When you say final prints, do you mean prints that have been printed up by the lab? I'll take it that you do.

    So, what I would do, is get a couple of halogen lights that are NOT spot lights, and have them point in the direction you want to sell your framing & such. If it is on the wall, or wherever, that is where they should point. If you have frames up there, then all the better so they'll highlight the frames when they're on.

    Just my thoughts...

    Good Luck!

    I LOVE my lab, H&H!