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Tell me your Kirk V stories.

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  • Tell me your Kirk V stories.

    As many of you may know the big cheese himself, Kirk Voclain, is coming to Indiana to speak November 5, 2007.

    I serve on the PPI board and am trying to put some info on him together for our newsletter to help promote our seminar.

    I am looking for some people to tell me what you love about Kirk and why others should come to our fall convention and hear him speak.

    Please advise, you may be quoted in part of whole for our PPI newsletter.


    Also, look for a cool pic you like of kirks and re-post it here as one of your favorites he created.
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  • #2 fine memory was the first time i came up here to visit keith when we were dating, and in the production room tacked to the wall was this...................


    little did i know that this fine man would be photographing our wedding less than a year later. luv u kirk!!
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      Hi Shawn,
      How do we register for the Fall Seminar? Cost & Location?
      It's on my calendar, Thanks for the info.


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        I remember the first time seeing Kirk speak... he was demonstrating how to help clients understand what size print should go on a particular wall in their home...

        He gave me a piece of paper (supposed to be a 4x5 proof) and told the class the 4x5 is meant to be viewed at just shorter than arm's length... So, imagine this conference hall is your living room (we were in a HUGE room by the way) and you are in your favorite recliner... You want to look over at your lovely family portrait that I have created for you...

        Now... hold this 4x5 proof up with your arm extended and I'm going to this wall where your print will hang with my tapemeasure... You tell me when I'm at one edge of the print in your eyes... Now, mom's holding this end of the tapemeasure... Dad, next tell me when I'm at the other edge of the 4x5 proof from your perspective....

        I was the dad in this scenario and the final horizontal length of the image was something like 20 feet!!!! Kirk said I know that's a little extreme but you get the picture... I've used this technique several times and it has actually worked!!!!

        That was my first KV "experience"... Haven't been the same since... :t: :coo:


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          I think Kirk could entertain a mortician's convention. I've seen him about
          5 or 6 times...never saw anyone dozing..including me!


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            Great responses.
            Thanks to all.

            Wayne - e-mail Marylin Andrews and tell her you want to register.
            [email protected]


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              I recently took Tim Babin's workshop at the Pro4um facility. Kirk was there for most of the workshop. O M G He is hysterical. I can't remember when I have laughed that much.

              Okay, just ask him about posing senior girls.


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                I fell head over heels in love with him (figuratively speaking, of course) at the champagne shootout at WPPI. I had fully intended to cruise the room and soak up all the atmosphere, but Kirk was so engaging I plopped down on the floor and didn't move until the end of the night. He's facinating to watch, hilarious to listen to, and truly gracious to share all he does so willingly. I decided right there that I would be a pro4um member as soon as I could swing it. I also went to see him the next day at the H&H booth, and practically stalked him and his wife the next morning at a buffet breaky in the Paris I think they *might* have been mildly alarmed. Ahhh...good times!

                Here's a snap (nothing to write home about!) from the front row, floor level of the champagne shootout
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                  I met Kirk and his wonderful wife at Aly & KJ's AWESOME pary in the Bellagio penthouse (thanks!) We talked for a while and all I remember was wanting to ask Tammy..."Is he ALWAYS like this?" He's a nut!


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                    Back in 1988, I was in a Bridal Booth at the Superdome for a friend of mine that owned a tux shop. Kirk had a booth for his business. I had met Kirk before. So he takes a picture of us in the booth, And I told him that I wanted it on canvas and with brush strokes. So a few weeks later I get this package and it is a 4x5 that he glued on canvas, and he look like he took the same elmers glue and textured on to the image with the glue.


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                      Thanks everyone.


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                        . . .I traveled all the way to Flagstaff AZ this past June for the sole purpose of hearing his fried chicken story . . . has something to do with hotel room/naked/fried chicken/greasy sheets. You just have to hear the story for yourself. I LOVE to listen to him speak!!!!! If he ever falls flat in this business . . .he could make 50 times as much being a standup comic

                        Kind Regards
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                          One day while looking at prints done from a model session in New Orleans, Tammy says something to the effect "Kirk, you should have moved that beer bottle from between her feet". To which Kirk answers "Shuga....I put it there"!


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                            I don't have any Kirk stories....YET...but I'll be there Nov. 5th!!!

                            Can't wait to finally meet ya, Kirk!!


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                              Too many stories come to mind I tell ya!

                              A few years back Kirk and I decided to have some fun at the state competition room. we got dry erase pads, sat in the back of the room, had some Sexy Red Head ( Makers Mark ) and gave our own scores from the back of the room. For every time you rated a print and a judge agreed, you scored a point.

                              The guy that loses by's a round of drinks at the bar later on. The rows in front of us were catching on to our fun and soon they were peeking at our scores then watching the judges...after a while 10-15 people were making noises of dispair when we were wrong. Needless to say we got the Evil Eye look every once in a while.....but hey! We made print comp fun!

                              To sum Kirk up...he's a great guy in all aspects, loves his family, loves life and his a good friend to have. If Kirk is one of your buddies- your in good company!