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  • Rental equipment

    Sounds like a D30 Problem to me???? When was the last time you upgraded your Firmware???


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    Can't speak for IBM but..

    I have a 1gig microdrive, have shot 1000's of images onto it without a problem, however I also have 2-128 meg compact flash cards from Kingston. One of them went flakey on me not long after I got it. Lost about 1/2 of a session. Called the company up, they said ship it back to them and they overnighted me a replacement. I was impressed.

    Just out of curiosity, how recently have you formatted the microdrive & did you do it IN the camera? Don't reformat in your computer. It has to do with the camera and the computer writing the info slightly differently. Or the potential for that to happen


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      Re: CFCard - D-30 Paul & Kirk

      It could be the drive, but again it could be the camera. Go to Canon's website and check out the new firmware for the D30. I think I remember it addressing a problem like you're having--but I don't gurantee that.




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        Re: CFCard - D-30 Paul & Kirk

        I upgraded the firmware about two months ago. Is this something that needs regular attention?



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          Rental equipment

          Does anyone other than Light tech rent photo equipment in Houston?

          Is there a need for photographers to rent equipment?

          What kind of equipment would you be interested in renting?

          What do think about mail order rental?


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            Don't know if Light Tec's the only game in Houston, or not. If so......well I'll just say that's regrettable.

            Rental equipment is heavily needed by commercial photographers. There's no way you can invest in equipment you only actually need 3-6 times a year. It makes much better sense to rent for those few times you need something.

            Also, you can never have enough lighting, so being able to supplement with rental is essential for most commercial shooters.

            My rental list includes:

            Lights, stands, Plume softboxes (Chimera if no Plume), fog machine, backgrounds, NPC back for F3, RB67 extra backs, some various Hassie stuff, Nikon lenses (especially PC lenses), large format lenses (In Sinar board), etc. Even clothes racks, steamers, and other "support" items.

            Nope.....don't think mail order works well.....because most jobs just don't have the lead time.


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              Re: More on rentals...

              Rick's right...commercial shooters rent gear all the time. I will disagree on the part about mail-order rental. Three of the biggest rental houses in the country, Ilena's PRS in LA., Sammy's in LA and Calumet, along with Helix in Chicago and others scattered around the country rent to photographers out-of state all of the time...I have used most of these rental houses at one time or another and never had problems. It is customary in these situations to pay for a 3 day rental but a week is allowed for shipping and return.


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                Re: Rental equipment

                Yes, Light Tec IS the only game in Houston. And I can tell you about a couple of their problems. Houston Camera Exchange used to rent equipment but not for about five years now. The problem with LT is that they don't stock some items in Houston and you have to work it out with the Dallas store -- no Picnic! They charge you for shipping and the shipping time both ways. They are NOT service oriented. They only stock certain items in Houston for no appearant reason -- it's nuts.

                I stopped renting their equipment when it costs me over $700 for some equipment a couple of years ago. I won't go back except to buy a roll of super white every three years or so. They are the closest store to the studio and no one in Houston delivers. They all look at you like you're crazy for asking.

                I don't rent unless I absolutely have to and that isn't often. Most of my clients want digital and I won't rent that from LT -- it's extremely expensive for no appearant reason! Rent a digital camera from them for a week and you may as wel buy one -- you'd save money.

                They got cleaned out about a year ago by some theives and from what I saw at my last visit they haven't restocked the store to where it was before the burglary.

                That's the story on Light Tec and Rick M is right, it's mostly done by commercial guys. There's a truck load of them in Houston and my guess would be that they are ready for a new rental supplier. Try contacting the local chapter of ASMP. Sorry I can't give you a URL.....

                Anything else I can do, let me know.

                Rick G


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                  Re: Rental equipment

                  Thanks for the input.

                  What do you consider to be expensive for rental of a digital camera? What would be a reasonable price that you would be willing to pay to rent a digital SLR for a day?

                  Would you think that there would be more demand for digital cameras or for traditional, film-based cameras?

                  What about renting a studio for a day? Any need for something like that?


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                    Re: Rental equipment

                    David, I don't remember what they rent the digitals for but do remember thinking it an outrageous price to pay. The only situation I would even consider doing that is if I had one camera in the shop and the other went down. I would also look to freinds and attempt to borrow one before going to Light Tec.

                    The studio question is a little harder. I have thought about this before and I think the only way it could be even moderately successful, is if the studio was NOT owned by a competing photographer. Most that have offered are. What happens here is (remember portrait and wedding guys) if a part time shooter needs a studio, they will call only those they trust or do without. The other thing is, for portraits and weddings, half the battle to gain new clients is to get them into a studio to see your work. While the internet has taken some of that away, still taking a client to your competition's studio is to risk the loss of that client in the minds of most photographers here.

                    The other key to this would be constant promotion. This would take a lot of work since the prospective clients would be part timers and freelancers or even people starting out and students. You can see this is a very diverse group and Houston is a big place. (50 to 60 miles across the city itself and the area is much larger) The last hurdle would be location. Where you gonna put this rental studio? Again, it goes back to the size of the town. As an example, you could be doing business in Sugar Land (southwest) and move 60 miles to the Woodlands and you would be virtually unknown. Just like moving from one town to another. There is a saying here: This is the biggest small town you will ever live in. However, the first places I would start is the professional organizations and the labs (three total): Pounds, HPI and Thomas.

                    Hope this helps. I'm not sure I would want to try this but, again, I am not in the Commercial end of this. They may be much more concentrated and accessable. There are only two good commercial labs in town and that may be the way to reach them. And, no offense to the commercial guys here, they seem to be tighter lipped than the portrait/wedding guys.

                    Rick G


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                      Studio rentals........

                      .......are always in demand, but it depends on what the studio rental includes, or whether equipment is added to the tab.

                      Most rentals, will be either commercial jobs, or part-time shooters, not portrait shooters. The part-time shooters will mostly want to shoot glamour and/or nudes, so the studio would have to be easily made private, for that purpose.

                      Studio rental fees.....well, here I paid $200 per day, Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm. Weekends were premium, since the studio I used to prefer, was with a camera rental/camera store facility, which was only open 10am-2pm on Sat, and closed on Sun. That meant you had to pay extra to have someone open the place on a weekend (not desirable). (That facility closed two years ago.....leaving a rather large void in this market.)

                      If you can offer a good space, at a reasonable fee, that can be private, and also provide the support space for commercial.....make-up/hair room, restroom/dressing room, client phones, and all of that.....then you should find a demand for it.

                      I've used them many times, and am very familiar with the good points/bad points, about the ones we have had in Dallas, which have come and gone, over the years. Currently, there is a shortage of good options in Dallas, as well.