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    Re: Framing work

    Put the frame against up against a sturdy padded surface...put the point where you want it...and push it in with a metal putty knife.


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      hope you don't mind...

      if I ask WHY are ya'll using glazier points??? I used to think I had to and did for awhile. We recently went to a picture framing school (FOR 3 DAYS...) and they said they were not a good thing to use...just an extra step. That if you piece was correctly put together you didn't need them and they added a sharp edge next to the work....just wondering ....


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        Re: hope you don't mind...


        Up here in the Mountains, we don't have any photo framing schools! Seriously, I'm using them to hold the backing board in place behind the photo. There's about a 3/8" board between the photo and the board, and I've never had any damage to a print (so far!).



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          Re: hope you don't mind...

          We don't have em' in the sticks either...we had to go to Nashville.

          OK...I see what you are doing...I thought you were putting them in right behind the glass, then putting in your photo, backing board etc. For that I use a Fletcher point is a gun that shoots either flexible points (we use those on our table top frames) or hard points (they do not bend) just load the gun with the points and shoot them in...takes about 30 seconds per frame. I wish attaching the dust covers were that easy!!

          Have a great week-end!!


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            Re: hope you don't mind...

            I agree with Lisa... just spend the $40-50 and get the Fletcher point driver. It's a LOT eaisier than fooling around with glazers points.

            And Lisa, up here in Chicago, we can do it in 20 (seconds)! :-)

            Eric Lorenz


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              Do yourself a favor........

     the pro glazer's point driver and points. It will make life a lot easier...and the pro points are long enough to catch well with any backing material (even if you don't have the best fit), and they have a notch which make for real easy removal.

              It's not that much money.....and it is more than worth the investment.