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EOS3 Problems

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  • EOS3 Problems


    I have 3 of the S1s and am quite pleased with them. The body is an N60. As far as the viewing area I'm not sure what you mean, I used the Mamiya 645 and F100 and the switch was pretty easy.


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    I did not buy the filter


    I did not buy the filter because it softens the overall image (I was told this from many sources--don't know it from my own experience because I didn't buy it!) The moire that you get will be fairly minimal, and hopefully can be controlled with the converting software that comes with the camera called PhotoDesk. From my point of view, saving a thousand dollars and getting a better image is the way to go.

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      Re: Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro


      You should be able to get a good price for the S1 real soon.

      Fuji just announced the S2 to be out this summer. In fact I would wait until next month after PMA.

      It might be worth waiting for the Newer Model.

      It will have a new and larger CCD and alot better software.

      It will probably replace the S1.

      Read the S2 post, it will take you to the website.



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        EOS3 Problems

        Has anyone had problems with focus on EOS3 camera not working correctly. Any pictures I shoot indoors with available light or flash are soft. The only time I can get good clear pictures is outdoors with good sunlight. I have sent the camera back but the problem was not fixed.


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          Re: EOS3 Problems

          What lens are you using? Fast Canon lens (2.8) or slower 5.6 lens?


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            Re: EOS3 Problems

            Llew, I'm using the canon 5.6 and Tamron 2.8 and get same results with both. I also have an AE2 and us both lens on it and get great results. That is why I think it is the camera.