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  • quantum radio slaves

    I think some of the confusion comes from the different backgrounds. Printers are used to thinking about halftones, where the presses have always had to lay down different dots, while photographers have--until recently--dealt almost exclusively with putatively* continuous tone media, and the one=many oddity is a new thing.

    Glad I was able to help clarify things.

    * I say putatively because at the lowest level film grain and dye clouds are largely non-continuous--but by the time the image is blow up that much, there's so many other issues it never really comes up.

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    Thanks <img src= border='0'>


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      Re: Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro


      I got this information right from his mouth. There were several things he didn't like about the D30, slower operation, soft images, and the lack of zoom on the LCD to see details. He showed about 6 different digicams and has apparently used them all and settled on the S1 as the best all-round wedding camera. Reggie, on the other hand, likes the photojournalistic qualities of the Canon 1D, and that's what he's using this year. Both indicate that they are total digital this year, and are pushing Pictage for their digital lab. (This information was given at a Pictage sponsered seminar. I think Fong is a partner in it, maybe Reggie too.)

      All should be taken with a grain (or two) of salt, as they are both heavily sponsored. However, I was happy to see a couple top notch pros finally state to the photography world that digital IS better than film!

      I've done 3 weddings digital now and the customers say how beautiful the colors are. The S1 is a pure joy to use, and my Pentax 645's are for sale!


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        Re: Fujifilm FinePix S1 Pro

        Thanks Michael. I'm assuming they are using something other than the Microdrive for storage? I've had no problem with mine,and don't know anyone other than on this site that has. But... where there's smoke, there's a fried storage card.


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          quantum radio slaves

          I have been using radio slaves for a number of years now and have recently run into a situation where 2 of the transmitters are "going bad". I can't find any camera repair persons locally who even say they can work on them. Anyone have this problem and found a solution other than simply buying new ones?


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            Re: quantum radio slaves

            After many years of getting dropped, beat on etc I found that my units were not always working like they should. I sent them back to the factory, and that means everything, recievers and transmitters. They realigned the units so that they were all on exactly the same frequency, replaced a broken foot, and sent them back in I think a week or so. Price was reasonable and the units have worked like new every since. You might try that before you replace...



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              Re: quantum radio slaves


              Send them back to quantum. They have an awesome repair dept.

              Very reasonable.

              Check out their website...they will give you a quote onsite.

              go to


              Look across the top and click on site Map

              Look under support in the left column and click on repairs.

              Scroll down to Product repairs...then you will see...

              If you would like to see the cost of some typical repairs or contact us before sending in your equipment click here for a Repair Request.

              A new window will open...scroll will show the repair chart.

              Re-Align cost $32.



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                Quantum MEANS Customer Service!

                I gotta tell ya. After the beating and screwing I took from a certain camera repair place recently, I was certain that there was no customer service-anywhere-anymore.

                Then my quantum radio slave went bad. I called the company (in New York) and unlike alot of New York Camera places I have talked with before (they just don't seems to have that southern charm I've become accustomed to)I taked to a very nice lady that took care of my problem immediately! I shipped them the transmitter and reciever, and within a week I got a call from her sayint that my slave on on it's way back to Dixie and the cost was going to be all of $19.00 including shipping. I stand amazed! And very thankful.


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                  Re: quantum radio slaves

                  I had two quantums with problems so we sent them back. Thought I would need them to do a large prom last week so I asked the people at Quantum if they could expidite repair. They were terrific. I had such good response that I took the time to write an "AttaBoy Letter". I wish half of the customer service departments are as good as Quantums.