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Just say NO! to your school photographer...

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  • Just say NO! to your school photographer...

    Just say NO! to your Senior Photographer... is part of my initial pack that I'm putting together for the class of 2004.

    The campaign is currently called Seniorography, don't know what else to call it at this moment.

    I've attached the flyer that I'll be putting in the packet. I hope all of you enjoy!

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    I LOVE my lab, H&H!

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    Personally, I think this is a GREAT idea! I like the logo and I like the name "Seniorgraphy". Very generous of you to share...

    PS I hope it's okay if I "borrow" the idea


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      Actually Barbara,

      I borrowed the "seniorography" idea from another SPI member who had her mailer inserted with the SPI booklet.

      I borrowed the idea for the "JUST SAY NO! to your Senior Photographer" from a friend of mine down in Houston.

      So, you may borrow away!

      Personally, I am really proud of the strike out (that you can see through).

      Borrow away!

      I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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        Michael...I like that idea...I think you've got something there...maybe I'll get brave and try it around here...

        Thanks for sharing!!!
        Geaux Saints!!!


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          New to the forum and hope I'm posting correctly.
          Please note:
          No Seniors using senior photographer-
          No need for senior photographer to provide the necessary candid service-
          No candid service, yearbooks become unaffordable-
          No yearbook-
          No need for senior portraits-
          No senior portraits puts us all out of business-
          Depending on type of service, there is enough for everyone.


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            I'm sorry, but I feel you're incorrect in your thinking. There will always be senior portrait business out there. Its just that us small guys have to find ways to "fight" the big chain studios and this is one way. This is a subject that I could talk about for hours, but I don't have time right now.

            Michael, I think it both looks great and has a great impact/message! Would you mind if I "borrowed/stole" this idea? Good job!


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              I only have one problem, the drop shadow is to dark and makes it look like there's just double printing of the type.. and makes it look very blurry/unreadable..


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                Adam, steal away!

                Matt, I agree, this is just a "rough" work. It is for the class of 2004, which means I have about 6 months or so to fix it. I'll probably lessen the shadow some. It always helps to have input!

                Ed, Let me reply to your remarks:

                No Seniors using senior photographer-
                ~Why wouldn't they use a senior photographer? Every senior has ALWAYS wanted Senior Portraits!

                No need for senior photographer to provide the necessary candid service-
                Candid Service? What do you mean by that? Do you mean that if a the school doesn't have a "contract photographer" to give them a kickback that...

                No candid service, yearbooks become unaffordable-
                This might be true. But, there are also ads in there that parents, companies, and other kids pay for. This helps offset the price. Also, the contract photographer pays a "percentage" of what they take in. Hence: They have to raise their prices or lower their quality. Very Not Good. I'll get to how they could solve this
                after I'm done addressing each of your points. Also, I'm not sending this to the underclassmen(Women). They STILL HAVE TO go to the "contract photographer" and the said photographer STILL HAS TO give a percentage of that income to the school yearbook.

                No yearbook-
                NOT TRUE~! The year book is NOT ONLY for the seniors. It is also for the underclassmen (women). It would just be more expensive.

                No need for senior portraits-
                Again, NOPE! The seniors WILL ALWAYS want portraits to trade with their friends. Most of my seniors, heck, they don't want the stuff for the yearbook, they want stuff to hand out to friends and family!

                No senior portraits puts us all out of business-
                Honestly, if we didn't have senior portraits, a good photographer with good business savy would just readjust their marketing to market to another segment of the population. The reason so many of us do senior portraits is, well, it's easy! And there's easy money in it! We naturally migrate towards something that is easy and makes money without extra effort.

                Depending on type of service, there is enough for everyone.
                True, but most contract photographers are not local guys, they are BIG CORPORATIONS who don't give a $#*! about the seniors. They just want money. They are priced outrageously and give a poor product in return.

                Now let me go to the solution that the schools could go with in order to allow local photographers (non-contract) do the senior portraits.

                I'll use information that I found out from a friend of mine back when she was the yearbook advisor a few years back.

                The yearbook cost $50,000 to produce only 1200 copies.

                There are currently 6 photography studios (I believe) that market to this high school. There are approximately 500 Seniors this year. So, how would we make this possible? Well, first off, the yearbooks cost approximately $40 to purchase.

                That's about $20,000 right there.

                So we would be left with $30,000 left over.

                Now let's say a full page ad costs $500, and the parents of 20 kids pay for a full page ad (The average). That's another $10,000.

                We are now left with $20,000.

                Now let's say each studio buys a full page ad. That is approximately $3,000.

                Down to $17,000.

                Now, to get authorization to have the ability to put the "yearbook photo" into the yearbook, each studio would pay, say, $2,000. That totals $12,000.

                Down to $5,000.

                Then we have the "contract photographer" do the underclassmen (women) and give their kickback. This WILL BE more than $5,000!

                As a result, the yearbook makes a profit.

                We could do this. But the advisor's don't want to.

                Go figure.

                Let me also say that in the past we have taken "high road" and not attacked any other studio. Either in general or specifically.

                Now I am fed up with all the [email protected] that I am hearing. I am tired of being attacked and looking the other way.

                Well, now I'm attacking. Now I have done something that will get the seniors' attention.

                I'm gonna see how it works.

                Enjoy Guys!

                I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                  Whats the candids have to do with the senior photographer or any pro... Aren't your schools equiped to do all there candids themselves?

                  Way back... wow seems a long time ago now.. hehe, I ran the darkrrom and the photo's for both the yearbook and school newspaper... Aren't schools still doing this>?

                  Also if we needed more sports related, we called the local newspaper and they gave us the negs..

                  Are all oyur schools just not doing this?


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                    Matt, I hope you're not talking to me, because I have no idea what candids are.

                    Honestly, if you mean stuff like at the games and such, well, the schools around here do it themselves. One school has the sports contract studio do it, but that's about it.

                    Hope this reply works for you. (I'm like really lost to your post, but replying in the best way I can.)

                    I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                      Michael it wasn't to you, it was to the weird post the Edward had...

                      His didn't make to much sense to me at all, and I saw the No candids, no yearbook thing.....


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                        Oh! Gotcha! Okay.

                        I was confused about the "candids" thing too, but I figured he mean something like yearbook photos. The candids are usually handled by the athletic department here in Texas. (We're really big into football, so those guys get to choose almost all the stuff that involves the sport.)

                        I hope my post makes some sense to those that are confused about the school photographer thing.

                        Thanks for the post, buddy.

                        I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                          It's interesting to see how schools handle things differently..

                          Here in Ohio for seniors they just take the wallet they want from there packages and hand it to the yearbook dept. I think and suppose that the schools distribute for the larger studios for a cost, but I never heard of any fee's.

                          I know the athletic dept decides for the group and individuals, and whoever does the standard pictures for the freshman to Jr.s also does the groups, but besides that the yearbook staff does the majority of the the rest.

                          I just figured the rest of the world was doing around the same... I have gotten at least 10 kids this fall not happy with the proofs from XXX company and wanting to get more proofs from a different photographer who doesn't just mass produce the same look/shots.

                          So I think it's good to try to get them thinking that you can offer Uniqueness...



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                            Most of the kids in the area know that my studio, Plumeyer Photography, offers a lot of unique stuff.

                            The main problem that they say causes them to go somewhere else is that I'm too expensive. (Although they haven't seen my prices, mind you.) We also are starting to publicize the fact that we have a payment plan which makes us more affordable.

                            X Photo Company usually does a really cruddy job but they now have a contract stating that ONLY THEIR images can be in the yearbook. Go figure.

                            I'll try to post a Q&A or FAQ paper that is going to be on the back of the one I initially posted. I'll try to dothis tomorrow. I don't have it here at the house, it is at the studio.

                            Thanks for posting!

                            I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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                              Hi again
                              Schools in our area have not been sucessful with student photographers. By candids the referrral is informal faculty photos, homerooms, clubs, concerts, sports, graduation, etc.
                              The point I tried to get across is that all can co-exist.
                              Some students are satisfied with a basic head and shoulder portrait and others desire a portrait that is unique. Most of you will get the the senior seeking something different. Do you really want the basic head and shoulder? The independent photographer is getting the cream of the crop now.
                              That school annual must continue or we will be in trouble.

                              Over 30 years our studio adjusted for an ever changing market in an area that is depressed. The current trends are a reason for concern.

                              Mr. Plumeyer, our area in the east apparently is a lot different than your area.
                              The number one problem school annuals have is finding a faculty member to do the yearbook. It's a lot of time with little pay. We have one school that still has not found anyone to do this years book.
                              As far as parents taking ads in the yearbook, it doesn't happen.
                              Not only do the parents not take ads, the majority of independent photographers of the seniors don't take any type of ads.
                              Yearbooks cost in our area $50-$80 and even with that amount most are having trouble paying the publishers bill.

                              The only request for most of the seniors in our area is to have a head and shoulder portrait taken from the same photographer for a uniform head size and background. Personal portraits are their choice.

                              Best regards