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Senior Ambassadors......again......

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  • Senior Ambassadors......again......

    Well, I have one that is VERY interested. It is Marija, the model I've been photographing for almost 2 years now, she was the model at Bill's "See the Light" class here that I hosted. She's coming in Saturday for more model work, and we're going to go over all the details then with her mom.

    Right now my offer is the album for her to show around, hers to keep for free. And $25 for every one of her business cards I get by referrals to apply to her total order.

    Is that enough? Or should I offer something else, something different?

    I also have another that's a good maybe. She's a friend of my son's who is a cheerleader. She actually likes my son, but he won't ask her out because he said she intimidates him. LOL
    But she said it sounds really good, and she would talk to her mother.

    So, is what I'm offering okay, should I do something else? Ideas please? Thanks!

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    Stacey, I think what your offering is very generous. Some might say to much, but if it gets kids excited to show off your work to friends. Go for it!!! Especially starting out and building a senior business, these are opportunities you take. Good-Luck!


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      That sounds generous to me Stacey,which IMHO is the right thing to do when you are starting out. Do you know when your senior "season' starts there? I'm not that far north from you and it seems that ours won't get very busy until school starts up in August...


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        Karey, I have no idea when the season for seniors is here. I've only photographed 2 seniors. One was in October, the other was in February.

        I'm hoping this will be a good beginning for me.
        Marija is in Katy. Then of course the cheerleader is at my son's school. And my son's best friend is at another school and she's plugging me too (but she'll only be a junior). She was also a model at Bill's class here.


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          Sounds very good. I've never had senior reps but I do photograph seniors every year. I was thinking this year of doing it to increase my number of seniors BEFORE christmas time as well as helping advertise for afterwards. I was thinking a $50 credit for every referral but I don't want to give away the farm so I think your figure is better.


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            Shoot the cheerleader, then smack the crap out of your son.

            If he doesn't ask her out, he is going to have the "what if" in the back of his mind when she gets tired of waiting.

            Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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              LOL Nate. Thanks!

              Just got a few more prospects tonight (not for ambassadors though). Son had a baseball game, talked to a few moms, one happens to be heading the senior committee this year and told me to get her some cards to hand out (SCORE!). And have a few more that are friends with Chris that are planning to come to me.

              Gee, good things come to those who wait, eh? All my patience (with the exception of that one tirade/blow-up), is finally going to pay off! *doin' the happy dance*