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another blend...a boy

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  • another blend...a boy

    i am working on sessions, and i do a blend for every student, so, here is one for a boy.

    i find that the boys here don't seem to like a LOT of colors and stuff, so, i just want this to be tough and cool.

    let me know what you think...honestly...

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    I can't be anonymous here Heather!!!

    I like the blend a lot. Looks cool. However, IMO, the boy looks very uncomfortable in this pose. His left shoulder is way too high and his neck has dissapeared here. Double chin is starting to show. Being a large man myself and ex football player I notice these things. I think he needed a 4 inch book under him to be at a comfortable height. His hands also look a little stiff(notice the unbent left wrist). I like to see just a thumb in a pocket or everything but the thumb.

    If I'm wrong let me have it in Iowa!! I can't wait to work with you and Jeremy!!!


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      can I be totally honest? I really love the blending that you did with this, but his shirt is SOOOO distracting! That's really all my eyes are going to...kwim? Maybe try softening the shirt or putting a texture over it? I're the blend expert! But really Heather...the blending around him is great!


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        you know's all good...

        the pose was probably kinda awkward...but, i kinda was drawn back to it. all good points brian...and you are fine...i'll get YOU in october!! LOL...just kidding

        and jen, even with other things over it, his shirt was just distracting. kinda just have to work with whatcha get...

        you guys are big deal, you win some, you lose some!! LOL



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          not what i was expecting, most blends are different, this is very cool for a guy. I like it and would think he will like it.


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            I love the blend Heather, looks very masculine and saleable for a boy to me. Can't stop looking at his double chin though. Can't believe I'm even saying this, it's terribly mean, but from a photographic standpoint, it's what I notice.


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              here's what i think...

              yep, he has an ugly shirt on, yep he's a bigger guy...

              but, is HE gonna think he looks cool?

              bottom line is this:

              we can't pick our clients clothing, and we can't pick if they look like models or not. THIS IS WHO HE IS!! LOL.

              this is real life kids.

              this is the shirt that mom wanted him to wear. he knows he is big, she knows he is big.

              yep, this will NEVER be a competition print...but, let's look at the concept again...

              i do a blend for EVERY CLIENT...irregardless of size, shirt color or whatever

              and no, before anyone thinks i am being defensive, i'm not....i just find it funny when we photographers get so "mighty" on picking on our clients on their clothing. i agree, we can consult with them, but, THEY have the ultimate decision and responsibility...and it is OUR job to work with what they give us.

              thanks for letting me say my piece!



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                What she said, yea! This is a business to sell photographs and please the customer... remember that all saying the customer is always right. Competition prints are what happen when things work out right, I don't shoot for competition. I shoot for my customer and hope I get something that may be competition worthy.


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                  I agree with what you are saying 100%. However, I was just responding to the part of your post that said " let me know what you think...honestly..." Were you just asking for opinions on the blend? If so, I was out of line mentioning his chin and I apologize.


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                    no harm no're all good.

                    i was asking regarding the blending technique, specifically, for it too ??

                    but, it's all good. worry not. it just cracked me up!!



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                      I agree. I have had some beautiful people bring the worst outfits. Boys, girls it doesn't matter.

                      My favorite are sphegetti strap tops. We tell them repeatedly not to bring them and yet they do. Then they wonder why they look larger in the photos than they think they are. It just steams me. I'm about to start sending them home to pick new clothes. And don't tell me education is the key. We offer pre-portrait consultations and mail them and in depth guide(with photos) to help them. They just don't think!!!


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                        How do you define a blend? Personally, I don't think it's in line with the other blends that you've done. I think it's good & he'll like it, but maybe explain to me how this is a blend. It appears to me more of a vignette than anything else.


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                          I think the blend is great, and would particularly like to see it on guy's "sports" type shots. I've got a slew of baseball players coming up and think this type of look would be terrific....and they have very "busy' uniform jerseys


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                            Heather, your artwork is great. But his shirt is unsurmountable. There is no way you can make this image good. Not by somethign you did, other than LETTING him wear it. We try to educate our seniors on what to wear (and NOT to). And I have even sent people home because all of their clothes sucked.

                            The pose is a little awkward and his right hand looks pretty funny. Also watch for teh double chin thing, make sure they keep it extended.

                            Hope that helps.