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First "full" Senior Session

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  • First "full" Senior Session

    I've done a few mini's with relatives and friends, but this was my first "real" Senior... Any CC or suggestions on how to improve are welcome. Here are just a few...







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    any comments? good or bad - I'd love to hear them... I have more senior sessions and if I'm off track, I'd love to know! thanks so much


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      I really like the first and third images. Great black and white. Almost all of the images are head-on into the camera. Try turning her shoulders about 45 degrees away from the light , then turn her head towards the light. This will get you some lighting ratio so your lighting won't be so flat.

      She is pretty!


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        Thank you Ken!! I will try that!!!


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          image 5 - with the brick wall
          I think it would have improved this image had you brought her left hand either into her pocket or hook her thumb to her belt or beltloop. I don't like the arm so straight
          Also looks like that would be a better area to shoot in later in the day - the background is so blown out


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            A great speaker once told me to keep everything that God gave you 2 of on different levels....2 eyes, 2 shoulders, 2 ears.....keep that in mind when you shoot.

            Also, on #3 the hair on her left shoulder should be brushed back. Alwys watch for the little details. NEVER EVER say...."I can fix it later in Photoshop!" DO NOT EVER SAY THAT! Fix it now when it wil take seconds instead of hours.

            #4 has nice color harmony.
            And I agree the image with the brick wall looks like you could have used the wall as the background instead of the sunny stuff you used.

            Remeber to take asecond at all locations and look where the light is coming from, what the background looks like, and is there a better angle then what I am currently seeing?

            Good luck.


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              Kathy, I really like #4. Beautiful color and it compliments her unique coloring so well. #6 bothers me. Not the right image for the high eye goes right to the Virginia Creeper vine beside her (plus I just plain don't like red and green together! other than for Christmas of course!) There's something odd about her eyes in the last one. Have you tried that one in black and white? These are great for your first senior! Work on the flat lighting though.


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                How did you get the look in number 4 and 7 - I really like the those! Was that the actual color of the building?



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                  Thank you for all the great tips and advice! I will definitely take all of them into consideration for the next time Some great suggestions that I never thought of!

                  Wendy, thank you, yes, that is the color...its an old white paint peeling shack.


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                    Love the B&Ws, also number 6


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                      I love #7! I think that's beautiful! And the wood wall behind her looks like the place I live in! Therefore, I guess I can do one of those backgrounds, too!


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                        Thank you Brian and Carolyn!