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  • Myspace, me too

    I guess that makes me a follower and not a leader eh?
    I just put mine up too
    Not too many friends yet. Check out the youtube link I added on it.
    It is funny!!!!


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    Just put in a couple of request to ya, pal!

    I LOVE my lab, H&H!


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      I also put in a friend request. Look at my page and see how much myspace can help your business. Customers do a great job at promoting you.


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        I have been aware of MySpace but never really checked it out until last months PPA Professional Photographer magazine ran an article on a photographer that uses MySpace to really boost her business.

        I have looks at several photographer MySpace links and I would like to know how you design the cool looking pages. Are they web pages that you upload to your MySpace account, does MySpace design them for you - I really no nothing about using MySpace as a photographer but I would definitely like to learn more.

        I looked at the Sign up screen on MySpace and there wasn't any place for a company (studio) name. How do get the'studio name"?

        Any info would be great.

        Thanks - have a great week!


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          Christopher unlock that page so anybody can add you. If you want to use it to drive your business you have to make it really easy for people to add you as a friend. Teens will move right past you if they can't add you with one click.
          My Xbox Live Gamertag is "The MuddyRivers"


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            One thing to know about myspace. I am not on there enough to learn all the secrets but I have heard several say you can see who has looked at their page, what pics and what time they looked. I am very careful when I add a friend to make sure its a potential client, or photographer and only look at decent images. Don't need anyone questioning me to why I was looking at their childs pictures.