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    This has been a hectic week and I was really dreading this session. The girl booked for all 4 of my different sessions so we are doing it every night. We did the first one last night and it was at my studio. She walked in and I started doing the happy dance then I set her up in front of the camera and she posed perfectly and had a great smile. Everything flowed together perfectly so I tried a few different things. Tonight we did the botanical gardens. Here are some images from both of these sessions. We are going downtown tomorrow and then the beach on Fri (if you can really call it that but there is water and

    CC always appreciated.
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    Tell me about the one with water drops.


    Edited to say: I love these!


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      She is very pretty. Love the cowboy hat one.

      How'd ya do the water drops?


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        karen...these look really good. you are getting so much better. i the water on the glass one!!!!!:t: nice job!!!
        Geaux Saints!!!


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          ohh 2 is my fav. the waterdops are cool. what all types of sessions are you offering?


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            Beautiful girl & your shots are awesome !


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              Thanks everyone. I think I stole the idea of the water drops from Naomi. Not sure how others do it but I used a piece of plexi (not the mirror kind, just the cheap plastic one). I had just finished the wet hair look idea from Tim and figured she was the perfect girl to try this on. We just set it up on edge on her lap that had a towel on it so she wouldn't get soaked. First we tried spraying it on the side closest to her but the mist was too much so then we sprayed on the outside. First used the mist then the solid stream to get the streaks. If I do this again I will make sure they don't press so hard on the plexi with their hands because it really flattened them out and made the palms weird shapes. I would also have their face closer to the plexi so it would show better.

              I am hoping she had a lot of fun and will tell her friends. Especially since she is the first I have done from her school.


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                Great images Karen!!!

                Love the glass/water one.....gotta try that one sometime.

                Thanks for the info!!


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                  OK...these are AWESOME! You are soooo good! Another 4um victory, you are!!!

                  I love love love the last two! I am going to steal that water shot, too. Thanks for sharing!!


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                    I love them all Karen, but especially the water drops!


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                      YEEHAW Karen! Beautiful - shots and girl!!! She should start the buzz for you! Get her stuff done ASAP and in her hands!!!


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                        did u light the plexi shot the same way as all your studio ones? You mention pressing her hands against the plexi, was it leaning toward her a bit [since Im understandingit as just sitting across a towel on her lap?


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                          Beautiful work, Karen. I like #1 the best just for it's deep color and exposure. What a lovely young lady. Have a great time over the next two sessions, be sure and post more!


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                            What makes a fun senior shoot?

                            cowboy hat (✓)
                            water bottle (✓)
                            oiled blonde (✓✓)


                            Love the images, and the ideas. The cowboy hat and watered window feel are both great images, but we can't forget that last one, it draws me in too. Thank you for sharing.


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                              Great work Karen, like the wet plexi glass idea.