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  • Ainsley/Senior

    Well after all the years of my daughter being jealous that I photographed other kids as seniors, SHE'S FINALLY A SENIOR.

    I've told her to make her feel better that we are going to photograph her in every place, every vacation, every chance we get this year.
    Soooooooo we're going to NY tomorrow and wondered if you guys had any cool ideas for great shots for her.
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    Hi Debbie, Your daughter is very pretty. Hope yall have fun in New York. If you get a chance check out the old library just to sight see. The wood work is gorgeous.


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      I've been...been...been....wanting to do a shot.....NYC....TIME SQUARE.....16MM lens.....showing everything....with a senior in the foreground.....

      Both during the day...and one at night.

      OH...and I would be all over the SUBWAYS TOO!!!

      Redheaded Johnson


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        Times Square at night!


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          BUT, if you are in Times Square, DO NOT USE A TRIPOD since it is "illegal" for professional photographers to photograph there without a permit. We shot some b-roll video footage for a reward trip for top sales reps and our photogs all got approached by the police and told to put the cameras away.

          Handholding to take some "snapshots" of your daughter will be fine. After all , you're on "vacation." Good luck with her pics. She'll have a boatload to choose from if you're shooting all over NYC!


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            Central Park, The Battery, Staten Island ferry, Brooklyn bridge, Washington Square, Grand Central station, Empire State building.

            I'm sure there is more


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              these are some great ideas guys. i'm gonna have to hold off on the 16mm lens idea Kirk. I don't have one. But I'll definitely do the subway.

              Thanks John for the "no tripod" tip.
              I'll post some when I get back.


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                I had to look at this thread, b/c my daughter's name is Ainsley. It's not one you see or hear very often. Very cool. That's all I have to say.

                BUT I will tell you a couple of VERY cool places to eat. One is Lindy's (on Times Square). THE BEST omelet I have ever had. It's historic and a little pricey, AND it's right below the MTV studios where they have're daughter would love that. The other is way up on Amsterdam and like 93rd...called Mary Beth's. The best palce for breakfast. People wait in line to eat there, and they have THE BEST jelly's. But don't buy it there, go down the street to Zabar's and get it there. But Zabar's is a cool grocery on the corner and was in a lot of the Friend's episodes. I guess for that matter you could also photograph Tom's Diner (from Seinfeld) in the background, too.

                Is it a bad thing that I look for good places to eat?

                Okay, diversion done. I just came in here to see who/what Ainsley was about, because of the perosnal connection to the name.

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                  She is beautiful. Enjoy your trip. My first thought was Tiffany's.


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                    Advice...I would put a sack over her head when photographing her in NY so no one can how dang cute she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    They're gonna think she's the next top model with eyes like that!

                    Oh yes, Tiffany's with pearls and sunglasses on... just like "Holly Golightly"
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                      I'm posting under Mike's name.

                      We've been going over ideas and clothing so hopefully we'll get some good ones.
                      Nicole, She's been one of the only "Ainsleys" in her classes and even school for that matter for years. Just lately have I been seeing the name given to more girls.
                      thanks for all the great ideas. We're excited.


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                        Haha, I also had to open the thread because my daughter's name is Ainsley also! We had a rule - nothing in the top 250 of the US Social Security database for name popularity...Ainsley was #900-something.

                        She's adorable and I'm sure you will have a blast in NYC!


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                          I had to look at this thread, b/c my daughter's name is Ainsley.
                          Haha, I also had to open the thread because my daughter's name is Ainsley also!
                          LOL omg my daughter's name is Ainsley too!! Same reason I came here! She just turned 3 yesterday. I also wanted a unique name for her.

                          Your daughter is super cute!! I hope you had a great time (and got great shots!) in NYC!


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                            beautiful girl!


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                              Your daughter is very pretty! I hope your NY time together was great - please post the NY shots - we would all love to see them!