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    A client gave me a fainting couch. I need to build a set and paint the wall and I just can't seem to decide what to do. I am not that creative but I do learn from the best. If this was your set, what would YOU do? I have attached an image ( Not the best lighting but will give you an idea of the couch color. ):thanks:
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    Personally, I don't have enough room to store sets for specific pieces of furniture. I would probably us green screen so I can tailor the virtual set to the subjects outfits. Also that red is vivid enough to capture and change the color to match or use the complimentary color of the subjects outfit.


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      I'd paint it a dark red.


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        If you're going to paint the wall I would paint it a dark red. You could put hooks up at the top of the wall in your set and hang different muslins behind the couch so you wouldn't always be stuck with one look.


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          Thanks for the input.